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New approach to some mental disorders

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Depression, anxiety and PTSD might not be disorders at all, according to biological anthropologists. In the paper, the researchers propose a new approach to mental illness that would be informed by human evolution, noting that modern psychology, and in particular its use of drugs like antidepressants, has largely failed to reduce the prevalence of mental disorders.

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Major depressive episodes far more common than previously believed

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The number of adults in the United States who suffer from major depressive episodes at some point in their life is far higher than previously believed, a new study finds.

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Artists paint New York shops boarded up after looting to raise hope

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Boarded-up shops, a depressing sight for New Yorkers after looters infiltrated anti-racism marches in the city's trendiest neighborhoods, are being transformed into canvases of hope with paintbrushes wielded by a small army of artists.


Genetics linked to childhood emotional, social and psychiatric problems

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Emotional, social and psychiatric problems in children and adolescents have been linked to higher levels of genetic vulnerability for adult depression.

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Meghan Trainor feared she would end up in an asylum with severe depression in 2017

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Meghan Trainor thought she would end up in an asylum when she suffered with severe depression in 2017.


First double-blind controlled trial of TNS shows reduced symptoms in some children with ADHD

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Currently approved in Canada and Europe for adults with medication-resistant depression and seizures, trigeminal nerve stimulation (TNS) has been found to be an effective and safe means of treatment for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), reports a new study.

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Greek bailout ends, but fears remain for eurozone debt

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Greece officially emerges from its bailout program on Monday, after eight years of cutbacks enforced in return for massive loans and an economic collapse on the scale of the Great Depression.

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Attention deficit disorders could stem from impaired brain coordination

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Researchers have discovered how two brain regions work together to maintain attention, and how discordance between the regions could lead to attention deficit disorders, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression.

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Nail pitting: Signs, causes, and treatment

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Nail pitting is characterized by small indents or depressions on the nail surface. Learn about the causes, symptoms, how it is diagnosed, and treatments.


1 in 5 women with postpartum mood disorders keep quiet

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A recent study from North Carolina State University finds that 21 percent of recent mothers experiencing postpartum mood disorders (PPMDs), such as anxiety and depression, do not disclose their...


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