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Depression sufferers at risk of multiple chronic diseases

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Women who experience symptoms of depression are at risk of developing multiple chronic diseases, research has found.

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Catelynn Lowell Candidly Details Her Post-Miscarriage Struggle With Suicidal Thoughts

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Catelynn Lowell, InstagramCatelynn Lowell is opening up about what led her to seek treatment for depression in 2017. Although the star's life is widely discussed and shared thanks to her participation in Teen...

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90 Day Fiancé's Ashley Martson Checking Into Rehab for Depression

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Ashley Martson, 90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson is ready to get some help. E! News can confirm the 90 Day Fiancé star has plans to check into rehab for depression. And in an exclusive conversation with E! News,...

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Plants That Can Eliminate The Indoor Humidity And Save You From Allergies And Asthma

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In our modern world, fresh air isn’t something we get sufficiently. Heating systems dry out the air, and paint or synthetic furniture fill it with chemicals. Bacteria and mold breed on moist environment. This causes itching, dizziness, watery eyes, congestion, respiratory problems, sneezing, and fatigue. It can also lead to depression. The humidity creates a ...]

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Child's elevated mental ill-health risk if mother treated for infection during pregnancy

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Risks for autism and depression are higher if one's mother was in hospital with an infection during pregnancy. This is shown by a major Swedish observational study of nearly 1.8 million children.

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Multiple brain regions moderate and link depressive mood and pain

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New research expands and deepens the association between clinical depression and pain, identifying specific regions of the brain that drive, influence and moderate depressive mood and its relationship to perceiving physical pain.

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Tracking symptoms: New tool helps providers identify underlying causes

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An easy to use, brief, inexpensive new tool that tracks symptoms such as pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, memory problems, anxiety and depression in older adults has been developed and validated. It will help healthcare providers potentially identify early onset of more complex, serious underlying issues that could otherwise go undetected.

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Depression, obesity, chronic pain could be treated by targeting the same key protein

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Major depression, obesity and chronic pain are all linked to the effects of one protein, called FKBP51. Researchers have now developed a highly selective compound that can effectively block FKBP51 in mice, relieving chronic pain and having positive effects on diet-induced obesity and mood. The new compound also could have applications in alcoholism and brain cancer.

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Former Democractic rising star speaks out for first time about PTSD treatment

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"After 11 years of trying to outrun depression and PTSD symptoms, I have finally concluded that it's faster than me. That I have to stop running, turn around, and confront it," Jason Kander said.

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Helping college students cope with an epidemic of anxiety and stress on campus

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Colleges around the country are reporting more cases of depression, anxiety, and suicide among students than ever before. Psychologist B. Janet Hibbs joined CBSN to discuss her new book, "The Stressed Years of Their Lives," and the mental health challenges facing students and their parents.


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