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How a 'pacemaker for the brain' treats a woman's severe depression

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When the experimental implant recognizes that a depression circuit is active, it stimulates an area of brain that alleviates her symptoms.

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'Pacemaker for the brain': How a neural implant is keeping a woman's depression at bay video

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Scientists at UCSF successfully treated a woman's severe depression using a brain implant.

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Depression: Magnetic seizure therapy may be attractive alternative to electricity

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An international research team investigated whether continued magnetic seizure therapy might effectively prevent the relapse of treatment-resistant depression, compared to what is known about electroconvulsive therapy, the current standard of care.

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Depression, anxiety may be linked to c-section risk among pregnant women

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Depression and anxiety in pregnant women may be connected to the type of delivery they have, new research suggests.

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Neurological symptoms like fatigue common in mild COVID, review finds

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Neurological and psychiatric symptoms such as fatigue and depression are common among people with COVID-19 and may be just as likely in people with mild cases, according to a new review.

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Focus on emotions is key to improving heart health in people living with obesity

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People living with obesity who attended a non-judgemental and personalized lifestyle modification program improved their cardiovascular and mental health during just 10 weeks, according to a new study. Participants lost weight and achieved benefits in anxiety and depression and physical measurements including blood pressure.

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Potentially safer approach to opioid drug development

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Opioids are powerful painkillers but their use is hindered because patients become tolerant to them, requiring higher and higher doses, and overdoses can cause respiratory depression and death. A recent study contradicts existing thinking about how opioid drugs cause tolerance and respiratory depression, and suggests a new, balanced approach to developing safer analgesics.

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Histamine could be a key player in depression, according to study in mice

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Bodily inflammation dampens levels of a 'feel-good molecule' and antidepressants' ability to boost them, according to new research in mice.

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20 Habits That Make It Easier To Kick Toxic Negativity Out Of Your Life

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Toxic negativity destroys mental health and often leads to anxiety and depression, causing almost irreversible damage Toxic negativity is a life wrecker. Being a positive guy is a must these days. Positivity can take you places. Will you give up on your toxic self? Now is the perfect time to make the right changes. Negativity ...]

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Tropical Depression Hanna leaves destruction, flash flooding in South Texas amid COVID-19 concerns

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Tropical Depression Hanna dumped more than a foot of rain in parts of South Texas, bringing severe flash flooding to a state already dealing with a surge in coronavirus cases. Janet Shamlian reports.

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