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4 Ways Sekiro Differs From Soulsborne Games (And 4 Things They Have in Common)

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FromSoftware's Sekiro makes an interesting departure from the Soulsborne formula, but still carries much of the same DNA. Here are 4 ways Sekiro differs from the Souls' series, and 4 things they have in common.

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FBI: 'Virtual kidnapping' has roots in Mexico

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In the scam, parents are falsely told their children have been kidnapped and won't be returned until a ransom has been paid.

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Man who escaped Missouri jail, Oklahoma patrol car captured

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A kidnapping suspect who escaped from a Missouri jail and days later drove off in an Oklahoma patrol car while handcuffed was arrested Tuesday back in Missouri after nine days on the run.


Your genetic data can be exploited without you ever knowing about it

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Your genome literally identifies you, but researchers and genetic firms keep saying that DNA data is anonymous. It's a privacy scandal waiting to happen

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2019 Preview: 30 cold cases to be solved using DNA ancestry websites

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Arrests will finally be made in connection to dozens of decades-old murder and rape cases, as thousands more people upload their DNA to family tree websites

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Jack the Ripper identified, but these cold case murders, kidnappings remain a mystery

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Several cold cases that still remain a mystery: Madeleine McCann, JonBenet Ramsey and Amber Hagerman.


European Mars rover named after DNA discoverer Rosalind Franklin

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The European Space Agency is sending a rover to look for signs of life on Mars, and it has been named after one of the discoverers of DNA

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A gut bacteria toxin that damages DNA may be involved in bowel cancer

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People with bowel cancer often have higher levels of certain toxic-producing bacteria. The toxin has now been shown to damage DNA in gut cells in mice

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Elon Musk-backed website 'pokes fun' at DNA testing

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Elizabeth Keatinge tells us about Elon Musk's DNA Friend makes fun of the at-home DNA testing craze.

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Jack the Ripper: DNA evidence strong but not ironclad

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Two British scientists are finally revealing the DNA evidence they say helped them solve one of history's biggest crime mysteries: the identity of Jack the Ripper. In 1888, the notorious serial killer murdered and mutilated the bodies of five women in London. Vladimir Duthiers reports.


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