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Kamala Harris asks Amy Coney Barrett: 'Do you believe climate change is happening?'

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Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is questioned by Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

We must pay attention to subtle yet deadly aspects of climate change

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Catastrophic events hog the climate limelight but there are more understated effects that demand attention too, says Hannah Cloke

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‘It’s a sea change’: How climate went from the back burner to a central issue in this year’s debates

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As they face off, Trump and Biden will be asked about climate change for 15 minutes - the longest segment devoted to the topic in any presidential debate. Here's why climate has become a top tier issue, along with some basic facts for readers ahead of the debate.

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What to know about tonight’s debate

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The final presidential debate between President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden is set to take place tonight. The Washington Post will have an uninterrupted live stream of the debate. Kristen Welker, NBC News White House correspondent and co-anchor of “Weekend Today,” is the moderator and has chosen topics for six 15-minute segments: fighting covid-19, American families, race in America, climate change, national security and leadership.

More pollution expected from stay-home workers

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Climate change: More pollution expected from stay-home workers

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Protected areas help waterbirds adapt to climate change

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Climate change pushes species distribution areas northward. However, the expansion of species ranges is not self-evident due to e.g. habitat degradation and unsustainable harvesting caused by human activities. A new study suggests that protected areas can facilitate wintering waterbird adaptation to climate warming by advancing their range shifts towards north.

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What cold lizards in Miami can tell us about climate change resilience

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When temperatures go below a critical limit, sleeping lizards lose their grip and fall out of trees. But when researchers collected the scaled survivors of a record cold snap, they discovered that a Miami lizard community responded in an unexpected way: all of them could now tolerate cold temperatures down to about 42 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of their species' previous ability to withstand cold.

US election 2020: What the results will mean for climate change

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Who next occupies the White House could be decisive in the battle to limit global warming.

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Sir David Attenborough warns Covid-19 is environmental threat because health and economy will be prioritised

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Sir David Attenborough has warned the global Covid-19 pandemic is a threat to the environment as politicians instead deal with the health and economic crisis ahead of climate change.

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Cattle are being gene edited to help them survive climate change

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This calf has grey patches on its skin instead of black as a result of CRISPR gene editing. The hope is that it will make it more resistant to heat stress from global warming

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