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Strengthening the climate change scenario framework

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Over the past decade, the climate change research community developed a scenario framework that combines alternative futures of climate and society to facilitate integrated research and consistent assessment to inform policy. An international team of researchers assessed how well this framework is working and what challenges it faces.

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UK 10-point climate plan bans new petrol and diesel car sales by 2030

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The UK will ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, ten years earlier than planned, under prime minister Boris Johnson’s ten-point plan for more ambitious action on climate change

Lorde Went to Antarctica and Is Publishing a Photo Book to Prove It

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All proceeds will go to climate change research.


Nature is widely adapted to current climate -- making it harder to adjust to a new one

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To do the right thing at the right time, organisms need to glean cues from their environment. With ongoing climate change, the timing of these cues, like the accumulation of warm days, is rapidly shifting. Now a network of researchers working on an unprecedentedly large dataset of seasonal events has shown that the timing of species' activity fail to keep up with their cues, and that how quickly activity shifts reflects past evolution.

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Climate Change Is Intensifying the Tsunami Threat in Alaska

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Whittier residents have been mindful of tsunamis for generations. In 1964, the Good Friday earthquake was followed by a 25-foot wave that crushed waterfront infrastructure, lifting and twisting rail lines and dragging them back to sea. The Good Friday earthquake—which killed 13 people here and caused $10 million worth of damage—still occupies Whittier’s memory. With tons of rock and rubble precariously perched high above a nearby fjord, ready to crash into the sea, the town’s present is being shaped by both its past and preparations for an uncertain future. This destabilization is being driven by climate change: Tsunamis are becoming more likely in Alaska as hillsides, formerly reinforced by...

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Climate change has revealed a huge haul of ancient arrows in Norway

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An extraordinary number of arrows dating from the Stone Age to the medieval period have melted out of a single ice patch on a Norwegian mountainside in recent years because of climate change

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Climate change: Can sending fewer emails really save the planet?

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UK officials are reportedly considering asking us to stop sending "thanks" emails - but why?

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What a Biden presidency means for covid-19, climate change and tech

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US president-elect Joe Biden has said he will “listen to science” as he promised to take new stances on tackling covid-19, climate change and other key issues

‘Total Reset’ is Wishful Thinking: The Daunting Task of Reordering US Foreign Policy

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A new term has imposed itself on the conversation regarding the impending presidency of US President-elect, Joe Biden: “The Total Reset”. Many headlines have already promised that the Biden Presidency is ready to ‘reset’ US foreign policy across the globe, as if the matter is dependent solely on an American desire and decision. While a ‘total reset’ is, perhaps, possible in some aspects of US policies - for example, a reversal of the Donald Trump Administration’s decision to abandon the Paris Agreement on climate change - it is highly unlikely that the US can simply reclaim its position in many other geopolitical battles around the globe. President Trump was often accused of...

How Biden Can Stop 'Truth Decay' & Restore Faith in Facts

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President-elect Joe Biden has been clear about his agenda: control the pandemic, recover economic stability, advance racial equality and confront climate change. To accomplish any of these, however, another pressing issue will have to be tackled. The Biden administration must begin rebuilding Americans' trust in their government and public institutions.

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