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Could lab-grown meat help tackle climate change?

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Last year Singapore approved the sale of 'chicken' grown in a lab. What is it exactly - and could it be better for the planet?

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Narrow relief bill victory provides warning signs for broader Democratic agenda

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The triumph belied the broader challenges facing President Biden as he tries to navigate intraparty divisions to push through an ambitious agenda on voting rights, climate change, immigration and other issues.

'Falling insect' season length impacts river ecosystems

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Insects that fall from the surrounding forest provide seasonal food for fish in streams. Researchers have shown that the lengthening of this period has a profound effect on stream food webs and ecosystem functions. These research results provide proof that changes in forest seasonality also affect the ecosystems of nearby rivers. This finding also highlights the importance of predicting the effects of climate change.

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Will climate change outpace species adaptation?

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Many species might be left vulnerable in the face of climate change, unable to adapt their physiologies to respond to rapid global warming. According to a team of international researchers, species evolve heat tolerance more slowly than cold tolerance, and the level of heat they can adapt to has limits.

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Climate change 'winners' may owe financial compensation to polluters

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New economic and philosophical research argues that policymakers must consider both the beneficial effects of climate change to 'climate winners' as well as its costs in order to appropriately incentivize actions that are best for society and for the environment.

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Small-scale fisheries offer strategies for resilience in the face of climate change

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Small-scale fisheries, which employ about 90 percent of the world's fishers and supply half the fish for human consumption, are on the frontlines of climate change. They may offer insights into resilience.

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Tenfold increase in CO2 emissions cuts needed to stem climate emergency

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New research shows 64 countries cut their fossil CO2 emissions during 2016-2019, but the rate of reduction needs to increase tenfold to meet the Paris Agreement aims to tackle climate change.

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Woolly mammoths were hit by climate change but humans wiped them out

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The extinction of woolly mammoths was hastened by a warming climate that shrank and fragmented their habitat, and was then exacerbated by human hunting

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Some frogs stop being able to jump if they become dehydrated

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When some frogs lose too much water, they lose their ability to jump – more evidence of the problems they face with climate change

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