Thursday, 13 May 2021
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CDC recommends Pfizer's vaccine for kids as young as 12; additional cases of blood clots linked to J&J vaccine: Live COVID-19 updates

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Children as young as 12 can expect to start getting Pfizer's vaccine Thursday in many states, calls for Olympic cancellation and more COVID updates,


Hamas condemned after deadly rocket attack - ‘Not going to bring back beautiful children'

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HAMAS has been condemned by a Republican Congresswoman after a deadly barrage of thousands of rockets were launched on Israel in a desperate act of revenge.


Texas shelter welcomes migrants crossing border

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Many migrant families crossing the border in southeast Texas are taken to a Catholic-run shelter in McAllen. There, Sister Norma Pimentel says all of the migrants say they fear for the lives of their children. (May 12)


Children who falsely accused parents in fake sex ring speak out years later: 'I was scared'

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In December 1994, Mark and Carol Doggett had been accused of raping one of their children after moving to Wenatchee and were each consequently sentenced with ten years in state prison. But it never actually happened.

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Nature draws out a happy place for children

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Young children in deprived areas see nature and outdoor spaces as being associated with 'happy places', according to a new study.

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Online therapy effective against OCD symptoms in the young

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in children and adolescents is associated with impaired education and worse general health later in life. Access to specialist treatment is often limited. According to a new study, internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be as effective as conventional CBT. The study can help make treatment for OCD more widely accessible.

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Gene therapy restores immune function in children with rare immunodeficiency

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An investigational gene therapy can safely restore the immune systems of infants and children who have a rare, life-threatening inherited immunodeficiency disorder, according to new research. The researchers found that 48 of 50 children who received the gene therapy retained their replenished immune system function two to three years later and did not require additional treatments for their condition, known as ADA-SCID.

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CDC panel approves Pfizer vaccine for children ages 12-15

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Adolescents across the US may be able to get the COVID-19 shot before week's end.

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Why Won't Israelis Let Themselves Be Killed?

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Two weeks ago Turkish forces launched a military assault in the Duhok region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Villagers were forced to ‘flee in terror' from raining bombs. It was only the latest bombardment of the beleaguered Kurds by Turkey, NATO member and Western ally. It did not trend online. There were no noisy protests in London or New York. The Turks weren't talked about in woke circles as crazed, bloodthirsty killers. Tweeters didn't dream out loud about Turks burning in hell. The Onion didn't do any close-to-the-bone satire about how Turkish soldiers just love killing children. No, the...

Man finds five migrant children abandoned at US-Mexico border

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"I don't think they would've made it if I hadn't found them because it got up to 103 [degrees] yesterday," the farmer said.


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