Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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Alex Berenson asks: Why do we still not know from where the coronavirus originated?

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"Unreported Truths" author and investigative journalist Alex Berenson called for an international investigation into the origins of COVID-19 Monday as researchers struggle to identify the source of the global pandemic.

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Inks containing lead were likely used as drier on ancient Egyptian papyri

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Analyzing 12 ancient Egyptian papyri fragments with X-ray microscopy, researchers were surprised to find previously unknown lead compounds in both red and black inks and suggest they were used for their drying properties rather than as a pigment. A similar lead-based 'drying technique' has also been documented in 15th century European painting, and the discovery of it in Egyptian papyri calls for a reassessment of ancient lead-based pigments.

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Scientists: Schoolchildren Unlikely to Fuel Covid Surges

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Researchers once feared that school reopenings might spread the virus through communities. But so far there is little evidence that it's happening.

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Chernyi Coffee Bar / Ponomarenko Bureau

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This bar is located in the centre of on the first floor of a residential building. Initially, the owners of the premises dismantled all partitions, widened the window openings from floor to ceiling, completed the stained-glass window and organized the entrance to the street. The main feature of the room was the two columns in the centre, which challenged the design. After all, they actually divide a large space into small zones. During the design process, each of the zones received its own function. Dark space and luminous cells that attract people like moths to light are the main metaphor of the project.

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DrugCell: New experimental AI platform matches tumor to best drug combo

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Researchers use experimental artificial intelligence system called DrugCell to predict the best approach to treating cancer.

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Sea-level rise global observing system proposed

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A researcher proposes a new approach to monitoring global sea-level rise. Using the existing NOAA Global Drifter Program array of roughly 1,200 buoys that drift freely with ocean currents, he suggests adding additional instruments to record their height, or the 'level of the sea' they ride on, to collect long-term data on the average sea levels across the world's oceans.

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Material properties for longer-lasting, more efficient solar cells

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Researchers are helping to understand the fundamental processes in a material known as perovskites, work that could lead to more efficient solar cells that also do a better job of resisting degradation.

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Research provides a new understanding of how a model insect species sees color

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Through an effort to characterize the color receptors in the eyes of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, researchers discovered the spectrum of light it can see deviates significantly from what was previously recorded.

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'Dancing with the Stars' pro Cheryl Burke suffers head injury while rehearsing

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"Dancing with the Stars" professional dancer Cheryl Burke suffered a head injury while rehearsing with Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean on Sunday.

Cheryl Burke Suffers Head Injury After "Hard Fall" During Dancing With the Stars Rehearsal

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Cheryl Burke, AJ McLean, Dancing With the Stars, Season 29Cheryl Burke is ready to shimmy and shake after suffering a "hard fall" in rehearsals for Monday night's episode of Dancing With the Stars. In a clip from tonight's...

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