Tuesday, 15 June 2021
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Euro 2020: Scotland showed great character despite defeat - Darren Fletcher

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Darren Fletcher comments on the positive work ethic of the Scottish players as they were beaten 2-0 by Czech Republic at Euro 2020.

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Fox-breeding experiment suggests domestication can boost brain size

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Our understanding of how domestication changes the neurobiology of a species may be wrong, results from a 60-year experiment to breed tame foxes suggest. The findings could also have implications for human evolution, claim researchers

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Smith, Taylor homer in Dodgers' 3-1 win over Phillies

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When Will Smith decided to praise every Dodgers reliever who came through against the Phillies, the catcher had a lengthy list to remember.

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Michael Schumacher health update: Where is Michael Schumacher now? Can he walk?

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MICHAEL SCHUMACHER is a tragic legend of Formula One who crashed during a ski trip to Switzerland in 2013 and sustained a traumatic brain injury. Are there any recent updates on Michael Schumacher's health?

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Former congressman Dana Rohrabacher says he protested outside the Capitol on Jan. 6

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In an interview with a Maine newspaper, the onetime congressman from California confirmed he was outside the Capitol on the day of the insurrection but said he did not enter the building.

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More than a bumpy ride: Turbulence offers boost to birds

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By combining wind speed data with the measured accelerations of a golden eagle outfitted with GPS tracking instruments, researchers suggest that, rather than hindering flight, turbulence is a source of energy that birds may use to their advantage.

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Scientists expose the cold heart of landfalling hurricanes

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Fearsome and powerful, hurricanes can wreak massive destruction when they hit land. But while most hurricanes then weaken, others can strengthen again into extratropical cyclones and caused further damage inland. Now, researchers have used simulations to uncover the presence of a cold core inside decaying hurricanes - an unexpected discovery that could help forecasters predict the level of extreme weather that communities farther inland may face.

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Brain capillary structures show a correlation with their neuron structures

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Researchers performed microtomography experiments the BL20XU beamline of the SPring-8 synchrotron radiation facility and found that brain capillary structures show a correlation with their neuron structures.

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One step towards a daily-use deep UV light source for sterilization and disinfection

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Researchers invented a more efficient device for doubling the frequency of incoming light by combining period reflectors inside a microcavity containing gallium nitride. This work may help in the construction of a deep UV light source with bactericidal effect that is both safe and practical.

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New survey method proves Rhode Island's rarest frog may not be so rare

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A study by researchers using a seldom-used methodology turned up many more Eastern spadefoots, an endangered primitive frog, than they expected.

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