Monday, 30 November 2020
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Armoured liquid marbles connected together in a chain 1.7 metres long

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Liquid marbles that can be picked up and handled have now been linked together in a 1.7-metre-long chain – and could be used as chemical microreactors

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Viral vaccines preserved without refrigeration

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Half of vaccines are wasted annually because they aren't kept cold. Chemical engineers have now discovered a way to stabilize viruses in vaccines with proteins instead of temperature.

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Cannabinoids associated with negative respiratory health effects in older adults with COPD

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Cannabinoids, a class of prescription pills that contain synthetically-made chemicals found in marijuana, are associated with a 64 per cent increase in death among older adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to the first published data on the impact of cannabinoids on the respiratory health of individuals with the lung disease.

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Novel chemical process a first step to making nuclear fuel with fire

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Developing safe and sustainable fuels for nuclear energy is an integral part of an energy security mission.

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Pakistan's Imran Khan approves law to chemically castrate ‘beast’ paedophiles and rapists

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PAKISTAN'S Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved a new law which will see paedophiles and rapists be chemically castrated.


New light on polar explorer's last hours

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Chemical analyzes of a black spot in a diary shed new light on the destiny and tragic death of legendary Inuit polar expedition member Jørgen Brønlund in Northeast Greenland in 1907.

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Breakthrough in studying the enzyme that ultimately produces fish odor syndrome

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Fish odor syndrome (trimethylaminuria) is a debilitating disease, in which the liver cannot break down the smelly chemical trimethylamine which is produced by enzymes from bacteria residing in the gut leaving people with a fish like odor. Researchers are paving the way to prevent the syndrome after a breakthrough in studying the enzyme in the gut which produces trimethylamine.

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