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A low-fat diet can lower a woman's breast cancer risk, study suggests

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The American Society of Clinical Oncology's 20-year study looked at 49,000 women split into two groups with varying diets


Dallas teen beats stage 4 cancer to graduate high school

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Joshua Suarez beat stage four testicular cancer, and now is ready to graduate high school in Texas.

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Big data reveals hidden subtypes of sepsis

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Much like cancer, sepsis isn't simply one condition, but rather many conditions with varying clinical characteristics that could benefit from different treatments, according to the results of a study involving more than 100,000 patients. These findings could explain why several recent clinical trials of treatments for sepsis, the number one killer of hospitalized patients, have failed.

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Seawater bacteria provides leads to fight melanoma

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Malignant melanoma can be a particularly dangerous form of cancer, and more therapeutic options are needed. Now, researchers reportthat a bacteria from seawater has inspired promising leads for an entirely new way to treat the disease.

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Low-cost 'cancer probe' could spot deadly melanoma early

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Work is being done on a tool to help in the early detection of melanoma: a simple, compact laser probe that can distinguish between harmless moles and cancerous ones -- in a matter of seconds.

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A common genetic signature has been discovered among three cancer prone rare skin diseases

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A group of researchers has identified a common genetic signature among three rare skin diseases or genodermatoses: recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, Kindler syndrome and xeroderma pigmentosum. In the near future, these findings will allow efficient and safe evidence-based therapeutic approaches.

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Cancer screening rates decline when patients see doctors later in day

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Decision fatigue and doctors falling behind schedule may lead to lower cancer screening rates, a new study finds.

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A weakness in a rare cancer that could be exploited with drugs

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Researchers have identified a rare type of cancer cell that cannot make cholesterol, a key nutrient. By targeting this deficiency, scientists may be able to develop new strategies for treating the disease.

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Monsanto found responsible for cancer case by US court

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Damages will be decided in the next phase of the trial.

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QAnon Followers Demand Proof Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Alive

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A bizarre conspiracy theory promoted by QAnon followers has taken hold on Twitter, according to a new report from . The theory claims that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, in fact, dead, and some Twitter users are flooding the network with posts demanding proof of life.
The 86-year-old fell ill in 2018, undergoing cancer treatment up until late December. She has kept busy, however, frequently appearing in public, authoring opinions, and regularly returning to the bench to hear oral arguments. But internet conspiracy theorists, QAnon followers in particular, claim that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been dead for weeks.
The Democrats are, according to the conspiracy theory, covering her death up in order to prevent President Donald Trump from filling yet another Supreme Court seat with a conservative judge like Brett Kavanaugh.


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