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Another 9/11 firefighter dies of cancer

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Nearly 18 years after 9/11, the death toll continues to rise. Richard Driscoll was the 200th member of the FDNY to die of a 9/11-related illness. His death comes as Sen. Rand Paul blocked a vote to permanently reauthorize the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

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New research identifies gene that hides cancer cells from immunotherapy

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A team has identified a gene that could make immunotherapy treatments, specifically checkpoint inhibitors, work for a wider variety of cancer patients. The study found that when the DUX4 gene is expressed in cancer cells, it can prevent the cancer from being recognized and destroyed by the immune system.

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Genetic differences between strains of Epstein-Barr virus can alter its activity

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Researchers have identified how differences in the genetic sequence of the two main strains of the cancer-associated Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) can alter the way the virus behaves when it infects white blood cells.

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Bologna coach Mihajlovic begins leukaemia treatment

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Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic has started chemotherapy following his leukaemia diagnosis. The 50-year-old announced at a news conference on Saturday he had been diagnosed with cancer. However, Mihajlovic confirmed he is to remain in charge at the club regardless. Former Yugoslavia international Mihajlovic began receiving treatment on Thursday, with the club informing supporters the coach ...]

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Low doses of radiation promote cancer-capable cells

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New research finds that low doses of radiation equivalent to three CT scans, which are considered safe, give cancer-capable cells a competitive advantage over normal cells.

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New laws of attraction: Scientists print magnetic liquid droplets

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Scientists have made a new material that is both liquid and magnetic, opening the door to a new area of science in magnetic soft matter. The new material could lead to a revolutionary class of printable liquid devices for a variety of applications from artificial cells that deliver targeted cancer therapies to flexible liquid robots that can change their shape to adapt to their surroundings.

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Biomaterial-delivered chemotherapy leads to long-term survival in brain cancer

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A combination of chemotherapy drugs during brain cancer surgery using a biodegradable paste, leads to long-term survival, researchers have discovered.

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'Trojan horse' anticancer drug disguises itself as fat

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A stealthy new drug-delivery system disguises chemotherapeutics as fat in order to outsmart, penetrate and destroy tumors. Thinking the drugs are tasty fats, tumors invite the drug inside. Once there, the targeted drug activates, immediately suppressing tumor growth.

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'Mary Tyler Moore Show' star Valerie Harper's family sets up fundraising page for her cancer battle

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“Mary Tyler Moore” actress Valerie Harper’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the rising cost of her battle with cancer.

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Sugary drinks, including 100% fruit juices, may raise cancer risk

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New research finds a link between consuming sugary drinks, including fruit juices with no added sugar, and the risk of overall cancer and breast cancer.

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