Thursday, 05 August 2021
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[Ticker] EU pauses Brexit legal threat on Northern Ireland

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The European Commission has put on hold a legal threat against the United Kingdom over a dispute on cross-border trade into and out of post-Brexit Northern Ireland. The move came after the UK called for a "standstill". The EU launched the legal proceedings against the UK in March, for having made changes to the Northern Ireland trade arrangements, which had been agreed to last year.

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[Opinion] Brexit: what is the 'Lugano Convention' and does it matter?

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After Brexit, the UK ceased to be a member of the Lugano Convention, an international treaty which governs cross-border civil and commercial legal disputes. In May, the European Commission published an opinion calling for the UK's re-application to be rejected.

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'Focus on Brexit!' NK lashes out as UK sends largest carrier strike group to Asia waters

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NORTH KOREA has launched a scathing attack on the UK after Britain announced it would be permanently stationing two ships in the Asia-Pacific.


Macron's withering warning Brexit would ‘make Britain like Guernsey’: ‘A little country’

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EMMANUEL MACRON warned that Brexit would result in Britain becoming as relevant as Guernsey, branding it "a little country", an unearthed account shows.

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What a catch! EU shells out £4m to fishermen suffering after Brexit

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BRUSSELS has shelled out £4 million to fishermen who have been negatively affected by Brexit.


After Brexit, China has replaced Germany as the UK's biggest trading partner

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Uncertainty over Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have hit Britain's imports from Germany but boosted those from China.

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Quarter of small UK firms have temporarily suspended EU sales due to post-Brexit rules: survey

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Increased paperwork and border checks have put small UK businesses under strain and left them wondering if exporting to the bloc is worth the hassle, a new survey shows.

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GB News' Dan Wootton savages Macron & Merkel for 'damning' AstraZeneca jab 'Shame on you!'

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GB NEWS' lead presenter Dan Wootton has blasted Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel for allowing their "pathetic anti-Brexit rhetoric" to damage the global roll-out of the AstraZeneca vaccine.


Is there a solution to the hospitality staff crisis?

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Aside from Covid and Brexit, are there other reasons for the shortage of hospitality workers?

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Brexit: UK calls on EU to ‘shake off any remaining ill will’ amid fallout over North trade move

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Chief UK Brexit negotiator David Frost has called on Brussels to “shake off any remaining ill will” towards the United Kingdom for leaving the bloc as arrangements governing trade to Northern Ireland continue to prove contentious. The European Commission has said it will take legal action against Whitehall after the UK announced it was extending a series of “grace periods” designed to ease trade between Northern Ireland — which remains in the EU single market for goods — and Britain while permanent arrangements are decided. Mr...

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