Tuesday, 01 December 2020
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Brexit: Is Northern Ireland ready for 1 January?

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BBC News NI Business Editor John Campbell examines the questions that are still to be answered.

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[Ticker] Sturgeon doesn't rule out 2021 Scottish independence vote

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Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon on Monday declined to rule out a new vote for Scottish independence next year and hinted she might go to court for permission to hold one if London tried to block it, Reuters writes. Scots narrowly rejected independence in 2014, but Brexit and the British government's handling of the Covid-19 crisis have increased support for secession, with most polls showing a majority now favour independence.

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Fish complicates last push for post-Brexit deal

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"If the UK wants a deal here, there's a deal to be done. If the UK wants to use fish as an excuse not to have a deal, then that could happen too," Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney warned.

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EU crumbling: Diplomat breaks cover to admit two more states ready to quit after Brexit

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BRUSSELS is facing the possibility of both Hungary and Poland leaving the bloc after seeing the UK depart.

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[Agenda] Unblocking Brexit and budget in focus This WEEK

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With only five weeks to go before the UK severs all ties with the EU, chief negotiator Michel Barnier warned that the "same significant divergences persist" between the two sides in post-Brexit talks.

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EU braced for bombshell Italexit as plot to leave in TWO years emerges

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BREXIT has appeared to spark those wishing to leave the EU in Italy into action, after a campaigner exclusively told Express.co.uk of a plot to see the country exit the bloc in less than two years.

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Joe Biden to name Cindy McCain as UK ambassador- but who is Cindy McCain? Her Brexit views

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JOE BIDEN has allegedly offered Cindy McCain an ambassadorship to the UK, potentially adding the businesswoman and philanthropist to his list of experienced civil servants soon to join his administration. How is Cindy McCain, and what are her views on Brexit?

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UK will have 'less strategic importance' to US if No-Deal Brexit goes ahead - Biden latest

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BREXIT TALKS will resume face-to-face this week as the UK edges ever closer to the transition period deadline in January 2021. Hopes of a deal being made between the UK and EU remain, with a no-deal Brexit being the only alternative if one can't be struck.

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Brexit: Barnier arrives in UK for face-to-face talks

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The EU's Michel Barnier arrived in London on Friday evening, as the two sides try to agree a deal.

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Brexit: Face-to-face trade talks to resume in London

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In-person meetings were suspended when EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier had to self-isolate.

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