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CRISPR weapon spread by bacterial sex could destroy deadly superbugs

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Bacteria armed with a CRISPR-based weapon that infects other microbes during the bacterial equivalent of sex could help us kill off dangerous antibiotic-resistant superbugs – if regulators approve their use

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How to capture images of cells at work inside our lungs

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Scientists have discovered how to capture 'live' images of immune cells inside the lungs. The group is the first in the world to find a way to record, in real time, how the immune system battles bacteria impacting the alveoli, or air sacs, in the lungs of mice. The discovery has already provided new insights about the immune systems' cleaners, called alveolar macrophages.

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Babies are being fed mother’s poo in effort to boost gut bacteria

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Researchers are testing whether adding a sample of a mother's faeces to their baby's first feed can restore gut microbes missing from children born by C-section, but they warn this should not be attempted at home

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Dyson Air Multiplier AM10 Hygienic Mist Humidifier - $209.99

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This Dyson Air Multiplier AM10 Hygienic Mist Humidifier kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water with Ultraviolet Cleanse technology. ...

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Protective shield: Membrane-attached protein protects bacteria and chloroplasts from stress

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Stress is present everywhere, even bacteria and plant cells have to cope with it. They express various specific stress proteins, but how exactly this line of defense works is often not clear. A group of scientists has now discovered a protective mechanism in cyanobacteria as well as in chloroplasts of plant cells.

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Fat stores in our cells also hold immune proteins to fight infections

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The tiny droplets in which our cells store fats are swarming with immune system proteins, which can be used to wipe out dangerous bacteria

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Cats cost Australia A$6 billion a year by spreading diseases

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Toxoplasmosis and cat scratch disease, which spread parasites and bacteria, cost Australia billions each year in lost productivity and medical costs

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Engineers uncover biomechanical effects of skin rubbing

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Understanding the skin damage caused by rubbing could lead to better topical skin treatments and help prevent the formation of new routes for viral and bacterial infection.

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Tissue-digging nanodrills do just enough damage

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Scientists show light-activated molecular drills effectively kill cells in whole eukaryotic organisms. The drills, designed to target drug-resistant bacteria, cancer and other disease-causing cells, can now be used to kill whole organisms and drill into skin for therapeutic treatment.

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Cicada-inspired waterproof surfaces closer to reality

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A multidisciplinary group that studies the physical and chemical properties of insect wings has demonstrated the ability to reproduce the nanostructures that help cicada wings repel water and prevent bacteria from establishing on the surface. The new technique - which uses commercial nail polish - is economical and straightforward, and the researchers said it will help fabricate future high-tech waterproof materials.

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