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Exclusive: Five couples lined up for CRISPR babies to avoid deafness

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Russian biologist Denis Rebrikov plans to help five couples who are deaf try CRISPR gene-editing to avoid having a child that inherits the condition

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5 tips to keep your plants happy when you're away

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Try these 5 tips next time you leave your plant babies home on vacation!

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Cracks in the skin of eczema patients promote allergic diseases

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Many babies with eczema go on to develop food allergies, asthma and hay fever, and researchers say it's not a coincidence. The cracks caused by eczema weaken the skin barrier, allowing allergens to penetrate the skin and cause a sequence of allergic diseases, what experts call the 'atopic march.'

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Parents of sick and premature babies should get more leave - PM

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Theresa May says "it's not fair" parents have to return to work before their baby leaves hospital.

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How the lungs of premature babies can undergo damage

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Premature babies that need ventilation to support their breathing often suffer from a condition known as bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Researchers have now discovered a molecular mechanism that plays a key role in the development of the disease.

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Babies point at objects because they really want to touch them

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Infants across the world begin pointing with their index finger between 9 and 14 months of age – perhaps because of an urge to touch objects beyond their reach

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Opioid-exposed newborns may react to pain differently after birth

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Babies exposed to opioids while their mothers were pregnant with them may need special care even before they start to experience withdrawal symptoms, according to new research.

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President urges Tanzania's women to 'set ovaries free', have more babies to boost economy

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President John Magufuli urged Tanzania's women to "set your ovaries free" and bear more children as a way to help boost the economy into a regional powerhouse, a step critics said would instead worsen inequality and poverty.


Why two out of three babies are cradled on the left

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Over two thirds of all people prefer to carry a baby in their left arm. The figure is as high as three quarters for women, and the same also applies to right-handed people. This is the result of an analysis of 40 studies from the past 60 years.

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Polish sextuplets surprise parents and doctors expecting five

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Poland's first sextuplets on record, two boys and four girls, were born in the southern city of Krakow on Monday to the surprise of parents and doctors who had expected five babies.


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