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Indonesia: Archaeologists find world's oldest animal cave painting

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The life-sized picture of a wild pig found in a remote cave is thought to be 45,000 years old.

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World’s oldest painting of animals discovered in an Indonesian cave

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A painting showing three pigs has been discovered in an Indonesian cave. At more than 45,000 years old, it is the oldest known painting of animals anywhere in the world

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CRISPR doubles lifespan of mice with rapid ageing disease progeria

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CRISPR gene editing in mice has been used to correct a mutation that can cause rapid ageing, dramatically improving the animals' health and lifespan

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Nearly all land animal species could lose part of habitat by 2050

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If current agriculture growth continues, nearly 90 per cent of land animal species could lose some habitat by 2050. However, steps such as changing our eating habits could prevent almost all of the projected loss

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Students tackle global issues with innovation

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Using animal scale design to prevent impact injuries on humans, and utilising food waste to reduce the effect of plastic on the environment, are just some ways in which students are tackling global problems.


New study reveals how fences hinder migratory wildlife in Western US

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Wildlife biologists combined GPS location data of tagged mule deer and pronghorn antelope with satellite imagery of Wyoming fences to find out just how often these animals encounter fences, and what happens when they do. The results help pinpoint which fences pose the biggest barrier to ungulates trying to access their ideal habitat.

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Paleontologists Find Evolutionary Link between Ediacaran and Early Cambrian Multicellular Animals

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Paleontologists have described the first three-dimensional preservation of soft tissue in Namacalathus hermanastes, a skeletal metazoan (multicellular animal) that lived some 547 million years ago (Ediacaran period) in what is now Namibia, and established a strong evolutionary link between Ediacaran and early Cambrian metazoans. Until recently, little was known about the origins of animals that [...]

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Fossils' soft tissues helping to solve puzzle that vexed Darwin

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Remarkably well-preserved fossils are helping scientists unravel a mystery about the origins of early animals that puzzled Charles Darwin.

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