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How fat prawns can save lives

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New research provides a roadmap for how entrepreneurs can harness freshwater prawns' voracious appetite for snails to reduce the transmission of schistosomiasis-causing parasites while still making a profit selling the tasty animals as food. The study shows how small-scale farming of freshwater prawns could be a win-win for communities in emerging and developing economies where schistosomiasis is common.

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California fair organizers, citing animal welfare concerns, do away with 'pig scramble' in favor of watermelon event, report says

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Organizers of California's Sonoma County Fair say one of the event's decades-old traditions -- a contest in which children try to catch 40 to 60-pound piglets for prizes -- will be scrapped this year because of growing public concerns about the humane treatment of animals, the Press Democrat newspaper reports. Instead, children on Aug. 4 will try to carry watermelons slathered in vegetable oil around an obstacle course in a race against the clock.

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Programmable structural dynamics successful in self-organizing fiber structures

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Cells assemble dynamically: their components are continuously exchanging and being replaced. This enables the structures to adapt easily to different situations, and by rearranging the components to respond to stimuli faster, to renew or to form just on demand. The microtubules, a scaffold structure made of protein fibers that can be found in the cytoplasm of the cells of algae, plants, fungi, animals and humans, are one such dynamic mesh. Because of their self-organizing structure, these fibers constantly form and degrade at the same time, thereby actively supporting the cell in complex tasks such as cell division or locomotion. The fibers require energy to form and maintain such dynamic states. Now, for the first time, scientists have succeeded in programming the dynamics of such dissipative, i.e. energy-consuming, structures in an artificial chemical system on the basis of DNA components.

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Oklahoma City animal shelter asks Area 51 raiders to 'come storm our shelter' instead, gets huge response

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The shelter claims the response to its Area 51-themed post has been “out of this world."

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'Storm our shelter': Oklahoma animal shelter uses Area 51 craze to its advantage

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The Oklahoma City Animal Shelter is encouraging people who are planning to storm Area 51 to adopt a pet first.

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The new Harley Quinn animated series is anything but kid-friendly

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As a new trailer shows, explicit language, adult themes and extreme violence could make for an interesting series.

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Smoke spread so fast at Japanese animation firm victims couldn't open rooftop door

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Smoke spread so fast through the Japanese animation company hit by an arson attack last week that a majority of victims who had tried to flee through a rooftop door were unable to open it before perishing, Japanese media said on Monday.

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Mystery surrounds animal deaths on France's farms

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Farmers say wind farms and mobile phone masts cause higher rates of animal mortality, but scientists say there's no evidence to prove it.

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