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AC Milan worried about Bennacer

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According to a recent report from Calciomercato, AC Milan are worried a club could trigger the £43 million buyout clause for Ismael Bennacer. The clause was included as part of his contract when he first made his way over to the San Siro, and now, they believe it could unlock the key to him leaving ...]

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Benralizumab not effective reducing exacerbations in moderate to very severe COPD

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New research shows that the asthma drug benralizumab failed to decrease annual COPD exacerbation rates for patients with moderate to very severe COPD, a history of frequent moderate and/or severe exacerbations, and eosinophilic inflammation.

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Hyaluronan is effective in treating chronic lung disease

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Researchers found that inhaling unfragmented hyaluronan improves lung function in patients suffering from severe exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Hyaluronan, a sugar secreted by living tissue that acts as a scaffold for cells, is also used in cosmetics as a skin moisturizer and as a nasal spray to moisturize lung airways. Utilized as a treatment, hyaluronan decreased the number of days in the hospital.

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Obesity exacerbates many causes of death, but risks are different for men and women

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People who carry around unhealthy amounts of weight don't just have heart disease and diabetes to worry about. Obesity is implicated in two thirds of the leading causes of death from non-communicable diseases worldwide and the risk of certain diseases differs for men and women.

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COVID-19 isolation linked to increased domestic violence, researchers suggest

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Extra stress in the COVID-19 pandemic caused by income loss, and lack of ability to pay for housing and food has exacerbated the often silent epidemic of intimate partner violence, a new study suggests.

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Americans Need to Get Outside Our Comfort Zones

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Getting beyond this moment where the US is besieged by chronic economic insecurities, exacerbating racial inequalities and serious gender inequities, requires us all to reflect on moments in Black history when many got out of their comfort zones to make America better, writes Congressman James Clyburn.

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Woolly mammoths were hit by climate change but humans wiped them out

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The extinction of woolly mammoths was hastened by a warming climate that shrank and fragmented their habitat, and was then exacerbated by human hunting

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Detroit's water shutoff stopped amid pandemic, but problems loom

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Advocates who work directly with affected families spoke with CBS News about how COVID-19 has exacerbated their need for running water.

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Last-itch effort: Fighting the bacteria that exacerbate eczema with bacteria

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Researchers use bacteriotherapy to improve symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

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Whale Sharks show remarkable capacity to recover from injuries, including partial fin re-growing

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A new study has for the first time explored the extraordinary rate at which the world's largest fish, the endangered whale shark, can recover from its injuries. The findings reveal that lacerations and abrasions, increasingly caused through collisions with boats, can heal in a matter of weeks and researchers found evidence of partially removed dorsal fins re-growing.

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