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Lets Hunt Monsters A New Mobile Game For Pokémon Fans and Crypto Enthusiasts

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Tencent Games, one of the giant tech company in China, has announced their new mobile game for both iOS and Android devices. This new game is dedicated to Pokemon fans and crypto enthusiasts in China.

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Spike Lee: ‘I Look at the World Now Differently: Before Black Panther and After Black Panther.’

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Everyone at Spring Studios in downtown Manhattan last night had been braced for controversy. The Tribeca Film Festival scheduled a back-and-forth between Alec Baldwin and Spike Lee, two consummate New Yorkers well known for their outspoken opinions on politics and America, practically ensuring a did-he-really-say-that soundbite or two. But both ...


[Ticker] Study: Brexit will hit all European farmers

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A study by Brussels-based think tank Farm Europe presented on Wednesday said that in all post-Brexit scenarios it investigated, European farmers would end up with fewer agriculture subsidies. "Brexit is bad news, for farmers' incomes it is very bad news," said Farm Europe's Joao Pacheco. The decrease is not distributed evenly, with farmers in Slovakia losing 49% of direct payments in a worst-case scenario in which others suffered 2% loss.

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H1Z1 On PS4 Is The Definitive Console Battle Royale Experience I The Koalition

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Richard Bailey Jr of The Koalition writes: On February 28th, 2018, San Diego based developer and publisher Daybreak Game Company finally released their free-to-play battle royale game titled H1Z1 on PC after spending three years in early access. With the addition of an Auto Royale mode and the announcement of an official eSports Pro League partnership between Daybreak Games and Twin Galaxies, the studios next goal was to shift their focus towards bringing H1Z1 to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Prior to the kickoff event this past weekend for the H1Z1 Pro League in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the opportunity to see H1Z1 running on the PlayStation 4 and walked away very impressed. Here are more details on H1Z1 along with my thoughts on what you can expect from this upcoming console version of the free-to-play battle royale phenomenon.


Top US admiral says China now capable of controlling South China Sea

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Admiral Philip Davidson, the likely pick to replace departing US Pacific Command Chief Admiral Harry Harris, said China now has the capability to control the hotly disputed South China Sea “in all scenarios short of war with the United States.”


The History of PlayStation | Video Game History

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The PlayStation was the first console to break 100 million units sold. But how did it do it? Here's the history of PlayStation and Sony, from radios to Rayman.


Agony Will Take 12 Hours To Complete, But Feature Additional Content

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Madmind Studios has announced that its upcoming horror game Agony will take approximately 12 hours to complete, but that additional content will pad that length.

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Bayonetta Creator on Platinumgames and His Jealousy of Indie Game Makers

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Inaba, best known to gamers for his work at Capcoms Clover Studio, where he created truly original action games like Viewtiful Joe, Okami and God Hand, took some time to talk about his studios philosophy, why hes jealous of indie game makers, and how his visit to Kings Landing (known in the real world as Dubrovnik, Croatia) could impact him creatively.


South Africa sees listeriosis cases drop; ramps up prevention

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When the world's worst rampage of listeriosis was at its peak, more than 30 confirmed cases were added to the outbreak weekly. After South Africa's health officials identified the source and recalled the product from the market, the number of new confirmed cases was cut in half. And during the first week of April, it...


Can endometriosis cause leg pain?

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Leg pain related to endometriosis may be more common than previously thought, affecting around 50 percent of people with endometriosis. It can also cause hip and back pain. The pain may be related to sciatica, as the growths can affect the sciatic nerve. Treatments include exercises, medications, and diet changes.

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