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How to install iOS 13 Beta 2 right now

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The second beta for iOS and iPadOS is still only available for developers, but the public beta is getting closer.

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Plastics pollution worsens despite efforts to reduce problem

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The United States only recycles 9% of plastics, despite efforts by activists to reduce consumption and recycle. Axios energy and climate reporter Amy Harder speaks with CBSN about the concern over plastics and what efforts are being made to address the problem.

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The iPod Touch 2019 is a worthy $200 gateway to iOS 13 and Apple Arcade

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Commentary: What the latest iPod Touch lacks in screen and battery life, it makes up for in apps, games, AR and a headphone jack.

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Developmental disorders: Discovery of new mutations

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In the largest study to date on developmental delay, researchers analyzed genomic data from over 31,000 parent-child trios and found more than 45,000 de novo mutations, and 40 novel genes. This will provide valuable information to clinicians and to drug developers.

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Follies and Monuments

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My commitment to pavilions—to the idea of making constructional follies—is connected with needing to develop prototypes and carry out constructional research away from the normal practice of architecture. Without being subject to a client’s brief, the pavilions give me an opportunity to develop and test different methodologies, which is something that has always interested me about teaching. They are investigations into various kinds of context, dealing with urban scenarios and landscapes—they are about making something in space for its own sake, when the guiding idea comes from a reading of place. The pavilions fine tune my engagement with a specific situation, allowing me to see what is essential in terms of an action or construction. I did not set out with the idea of working in series, but as different opportunities came up, the process of designing them became more organic, the language seemed to make sense, and as one thing reinforced another, they took on a life of their own.

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2019 iPhone clue hidden in iOS 13 beta and the future of 3D Touch

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Will the next iPhone switch from Lightning to USB-C? Or will it include a fast charger in the box? The iOS 13 developer's beta hints at one of these becoming a reality and why 3D Touch could be left out of the iPhone 11 line-up.

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Octopus-inspired wearable sensor

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Wearable electronics that adhere to skin are an emerging trend in health sensor technology for their ability to monitor a variety of human activities, from heart rate to step count. But finding the best way to stick a device to the body has been a challenge. Now, a team of researchers reports the development of a graphene-based adhesive biosensor inspired by octopus 'suckers.'

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Universal Music fire may have destroyed irreplaceable music heritage

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The 2008 fire on Universal Studios' famed backlot was deemed a tragedy by movie lovers. But this week, The New York Times Magazine reported that the fire may have destroyed a staggering swath of music history. The fire reportedly consumed a vault containing the irreplaceable master recordings of an estimated half million songs – including works from Ella Fitzgerald, Chuck Berry, and Elton John. Universal Music disputes the article. Anthony Mason reports.

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Building a real flying Iron Man Suit with Adam Savage video

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We went behind the scenes with former MythBusters star Adam Savage for his new series Savage Builds. In the first episode Adam builds a titanium Iron Man suit modeled directly from Marvel Studios, with the hopes of actually flying it.

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Why iPod Touch 2019 is a worthy $200 on-ramp to iOS apps

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Commentary: What the latest iPod Touch lacks in screen and battery life, it makes up for in apps, games, AR and a headphone jack.

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