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DeepMind AI uses deception to beat human players in war game Stratego

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An AI has learned to deceive human opponents in the war-themed board game Stratego, which involves imperfect information and a huge number of possible game scenarios

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iOS 16.2 Will Fix a Big Annoyance With the iPhone 14 Pro's Always-On Display

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The third beta of iOS 16.2 finally lets you have an always-on display with a black screen.

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Shanghai Suhe MixC World / Kokaistudios

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Located on ’s Suzhou Creek, Suhe MixC World blurs boundaries between the city’s past, present, and future. The project’s starting point was rethinking commercial spaces to better integrate with their surroundings. The resulting ‘urban valley’ presents a brand-new public space in the city and sets a new benchmark for . In 2016, Kokaistudios was invited to participate in a competition for an underground shopping mall in Suhe Creek Green land. Instead, the design opted to present a brand-new public space in the city: a riverside green land with cultural and leisure facilities, incorporating a subterranean commercial area. Property developer CRLand preferred Kokaistudios’ vision for an ‘urban valley,’ the floor of which is a subterranean commercial space that merges into its green land surroundings through a series of stepped slopes.

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WATCH: Roller coaster stalls with riders hanging

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More than 60 passengers were left hanging about 100 feet above the ground when a roller coaster stalled at Universal Studios Japan.

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Apple Releases iOS 16.1.2. What's Included in the Update

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It includes some security updates and more.

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Novel biosensors set to revolutionize brain-controlled robotics

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A novel carbon-based biosensor is set to drive new innovations in brain-controlled robotics. The biosensor adheres to the skin of the face and head in order to detect electrical signals being sent by the brain. These signals can be translated into commands to control autonomous robotic systems. The sensor, made of epitaxial graphene grown onto a silicon carbide on silicon substrate, overcomes three major challenges of graphene-based biosensing: corrosion, durability and skin-contact resistance.

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Tracking muscle activity with clothes on your back

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Researchers have developed a bioelectrical sensor that is convenient and low-cost. The sensor measures electromyography signals that are generated in muscles when they contract and are useful for studying muscle fatigue and recovery, and they have the potential to inform diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases. The biosensor, made of silver paste with a layer of gold nanoparticles on top, is directly integrated onto a piece of clothing. The result was a detector that was both conductive and nonirritating to the skin.

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Researchers discover how to stick sensors to skin without adhesive

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Imagine if you could attach something to your skin without needing glue. A biosensor, a watch, a communications device, a fashion accessory -- the possibilities are endless. Thanks to a discovery, that time could be closer than you think.

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Ideas for Outdoor Spaces: Backyards, Balconies and Patios

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In urban centers, houses rarely have a large backyard to create a leisure or living area, that's why we have gathered some examples that have managed to occupy these areas, improving the connection between interior and exterior and enhancing their users' comfort.

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Musk torpedoes Axios report on 'lives at risk' over reinstating Twitter accounts: 'Much ado about nothing'

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Twitter users hounded an Axios report from Thursday voicing the concerns of "activists" claiming Musk's handling of Twitter may put "lives at risk"

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