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Jesus Returns On Halloween: Prophecy Predicts Apocalypse ‘Trick-Or-Treat’ On Oct. 31, Doomsday Theorist Claims

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Christian end time prophecy researcher, David Meade, has announced that an analysis of the Book of Revelation proves that this year's Halloween would be the scariest ever. According to Meade, the Book of Revelation reveals that the apocalypse begins on Halloween, October 31, when Jesus returns to end the world, history and time.
"All the evidence tells us that the end of the world, and the end of time will be on October 31," Meade claims in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, End Time Prophecies. "On the day Jesus returns there will be a polar reversal."
The prophecies of the Book of Revelation are corroborated by the Old Testament Book of Isaiah, to Meade. Isaiah 24: 20 reveals that when Jesus returns the Earth will crack, shatter, split open, and there will be a polar reversal, according to Meade.
"The Earth will stagger like a drunk, sway… it will collapse and never rise again."

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Destiny 2: Live Action Stunt Video

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With the PC version. Australian extreme sports athletes Bilko and R Willy joined fellow countrymen and YouTube stars Shammi and Jackson ODoherty to bring the famed Sparrow vehicles to life.


Liked Demi Lovato's Simply Complicated? Here Are 4 Pop Star Documentaries You Need to See Next

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If you want to escape into a star's world, look no further than this list of pop star documentaries. On the heels of Demi Lovato's unfiltered Simply Complicated YouTube...


Google Claims Progress in Weeding Out Extremist Videos on YouTubeGoogle Claims Progress in Weeding Out Extremist Videos on YouTube

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Google says automated systems as well as human reviewers are making progress in removing extremist and hate comment from YouTube, but it admitted it's made mistakes.


YouTube's making a Tinder comedy about dating every last match

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All 252 of them.

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How Rap Reveals What a ‘Rock Star’ Really Means

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To borrow the title from another one of his songs, Post Malone deserves congratulations. Aided by a bit of YouTube skulduggery but mostly powered by its own sheer catchiness, “Rockstar,” the darkly zonked-out single from Post Malone, has, after weeks of jostling, finally replaced “Bodak Yellow” as the top song ...

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Zootopia Comes to Life When Sloths Take Over the DMV

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We hope you aren't in a rush because this DMV is moving at a sloth's pace in the hilarious YouTube video made by Oh My Disney in honor of National Sloth Day. Human DMV-goers are...


How Spider-Man: Homecoming Should Have Ended

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How Spider-Man: Homecoming Should Have Ended
The How It Should Have Ended YouTube channel takes on Spider-Man: Homecoming for a second go at the film's finale.

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LFO Singer Devin Lima Undergoes Surgery After Finding Massive Tumor

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LFO singer Devin Lima is recovering after undergoing a surgery to remove an adrenal tumor. In a video posted onto YouTube, Devin as well as band member Brad Fischetti came...


Man seeking YouTube fame accused of jumping White House fence dressed as Pokémon's Pikachu

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Curtis Combs told authorities that he "wanted to become famous and thought jumping the White House fence and posting it to YouTube would make him famous."


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