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FIFA 19 Update Version 1.13 Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

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FIFA 19 update version 1.13 is available to download now on PC. Here are the patch notes for this update on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition - why pay more for less

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While the shift from physical media has changed the world of music, movies and PC gaming in recent years, console gaming has been a bit more stubborn. After much speculation though, Microsoft is finally trying to give us a not too subtle push towards a digital-only marketplace for our games with the imminent release of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The thing is, you'd be a fool to buy into it at this time.


Console Gaming is at a Crossroad

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PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: The future of console gaming begins here. Sony and Microsoft have been walking the same path for nearly 20 years, when it comes to gaming hardware. Instead of leaves, shiny silver game discs dangle from the trees, while black and white boxes of varying sizes line the underbrush, covered in decades of debris and Doritos dust. Both companies know this trail well -- but it's about to split in two. As they approach the fork in the road, Sony and Microsoft are focused on different features. Sony's head is down, studying the systems that work now and have worked for generations, improving on them in expected, yet still highly anticipated ways. Microsoft is looking ahead. It's attempting to build a different future, and it's taking a risk by removing its gaze from the beaten path. There's a ton of momentum behind streaming and all-digital gaming right now, but these services could fail. Broadband and mobile networks may not be ready f...


Five things Switch owners should know before pulling the trigger on Cuphead

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Cupheads brand is bigger than the game itself, largely because of ease of availability. Being published by Microsoft meant that Cuphead was only for PC and Xbox One, which puts a pretty tight limit on how many people are likely to give it a play. That's about to change, when in a historic move of cross-platform partnership, the house that Gates built put the game up for sale on Switch. This new port runs fantastic, which is all preexisting Cuphead fans probably need to know before they decide on double-dipping or not. For those who don't own an Xbox One or a decent gaming PC, this might be your only opportunity to check out the game at length. Here are some facts about Cuphead you may want to know before committing to the purchase.


Xbox One file size revealed for Rage 2

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The file size has been revealed for the Xbox One version of Rage 2.

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Ranking the Final Fantasy games from worst to best

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Square Enix have been busy porting some of the biggest entries in the Final Fantasy franchise to every platform going as of late (Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster JUST came out on Switch and Xbox One), making it the best time for new fans to jump on board this JRPG behemoth. Each mainline entry (separated by their Roman numerals) is set in its own universe, meaning you can begin anywhere, which is great. But with so many titles, it can be hard to know where to begin. That's where we come in. Ignoring direct sequels, spin-offs and the online multiplayer games XI and XIV, Digital Spy are here to tell which Final Fantasy games are the best, and which are the worst.


Year on Year Sales & Market Share Charts - April 6, 2019

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Microsoft Xbox One Down Year-on-Year 326,841 (-24.1%) Nintendo Nintendo Switch - Up Year-on-Year 769,866 (26.7%) Nintendo 3DS Down Year-on-Year 434,370 (-44.1%) Sony PlayStation 4 Down Year-on-Year 785,956 (-19.2%) PlayStation Vita Down Year-on-Year 71,969 (-72.9%)


Amazon April Month-End Game Sale: Save Up To 75% Off

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Daily Video Game writes: "The online retailer Amazon is running a game sale right now for several games across multiple gaming platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and 3DS. So, whether youre looking to get a new game that was just released, or youre looking for something classic to add to your collection, you will save up to 75 off of them!"


World War Z Review - CG

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CG writes: Sabre Interactive released their World War Z game via the Epic Games Store for PC and with a release on Xbox One and PS4. Without beating around the bush or offering any pleasantries, right off the bat its a Left 4 Dead clone in third person.

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Yup, Cuphead Is Better On the Switch. Here's Why.

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Cuphead feels so much better on the Switch than the Xbox One.


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