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Why the Switch will win the battle for the UK holiday gaming market

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We explain why we believe the Switch will outsell both the PS4 and the Xbox One in the UK in Q4 2017.

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Third Xbox One X Feel True Power Teaser Trailer Makes Your Veins Pop Out

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Microsoft released a third teaser trailer for the Xbox One X, and this time around it has veins popping out as you "feel true power."


Xbox One X Invites You to "Feel True Power" with Second Teaser Trailer

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Microsoft released a second teaser trailer, inviting fans of the Xbox One X to "feel true power," showing gameplay and quite a bit of gasping.


The PS4s Lack of Game Preview Is Why We Are Skipping It, Says Deep Rock Galactic Developer

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There are many games that skip out on a release on the PS4 and go with an exclusive release on the Xbox One instead. These are all smaller games- titles for which extra sales that the PS4's larger install base might afford would be helpful. And yet, there are many that only release on Xbox One anyway.

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Monster Hunter World Shows New Footage in New TV Commercial

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Capcom shows a bit more of its upcoming game Monster Hunter World for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a new TV commercial for the Japanese market.

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Raiden V: Director's Cut Review | BagoGames

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Zac LaRocque-Walker from BagoGames writes: While people often think of games such as Mario or Final Fantasy as ones that have hit the 25th anniversary mark, its impressive to realize that Raiden has also been around for 25 years. Raiden V: Directors Cut on the PlayStation 4 is a slightly upgraded version of Raiden V that launched on the Xbox One a year ago. With this new release, Raiden V: Directors Cut brings with it the acclaimed shootem up (or shmup as theyre often known as) action, while adding a couple new stages and a new co-op mode.


NHL 18 Review (Xbox One) - GlitchFreeGaming

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Despite the best efforts of the EA Sports team, NHL 18 feels stagnated compared to the rest of the sports offerings this year.

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PS4 vs Xbox One in the US VGChartz Gap Charts August 2017 Update

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In August 2017 the gap in the US between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One grew in favor of the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 sold 72,610 more units than the Xbox One in the last month. The PlayStation 4 sold 792,062 more units in the last year. The PlayStation 4 currently leads by 2.51 million units. The PlayStation 4 launched in the US on November 15, 2013, while the Xbox One launched on November 22, 2013. The PlayStation 4 has sold 19.82 Million units, while the Xbox One has sold 17.31 million units.

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What it's really like making games for Nintendo Switch

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It's been eight months since the Nintendo Switch launched. And while its 2017 lineup of games initially looked sparse, the Switch has built up plenty of momentum, with a constant string of game releases, and current and upcoming support from large developers and indies alike. Typically, Nintendo systems struggle in terms of support, for myriad reasons, but it seems the tide has turned with Switch. Why is that? To get a look at what its like developing for Nintendo's newest system, GR+ checked in with four game creators, all of whom recently ported games - or have ports forthcoming - to the Switch. We talked about what it is actually like bringing games to the Switch, and what Nintendo is getting right and wrong. These developers not only know what it is like working with Switchs hardware, but also how it stacks up against previous Ninty consoles, and current-gen competitors like PS4 and Xbox One. And while this is still the Switch's first year, the creators seem pretty happy wi...


Star Wars Battlefront 2's 'Pay-To-Win' Complaints Are "Hard To Dodge," Says Dev

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DICE, however, is taking "great care" and is "listening ... to feedback" about the game's microtransaction crates ahead of its release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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