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Watch Woody Harrelson Be Your Worst Public-Transit Nightmare in This Exclusive Clip From Wilson

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In Wilson, Craig Johnson’s adaptation of the Daniel Clowes graphic novel penned by Clowes himself, Woody Harrelson inhabits the role of the titular character: a guy who hates everyone, but mostly just because he thinks they could do better. Largely, that involves responding to his constant attempts at conversation, whether ...


Three Billboards Trailer: Frances McDormand Vs. Woody Harrelson

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Frances McDormand stars as a mother whose billboards cause a stir in the outlandish trailer for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.


Han Solo’s Woody Harrelson Reveals His Character’s Name, Role

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The actor revealed fo about the upcoming anthology film and clarified his character's relationship to Han Solo.


Woody Harrelson Is Not Playing Garris Shrike in Han Solo

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During a visit to The Tonight Show, Woody Harrelson casually reveals the real name of his character in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.


In Wilson, Woody Harrelson Is a Utopian Misanthrope

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The brusque, foulmouthed character study Wilson is a likable attempt to transform a story that works beautifully in one medium (comics) into something more dramatic and expansive. The transformer (i.e., screenwriter) is the comic’s creator, Daniel Clowes, whose protagonists (he wrote Ghost World) often fancy they have tegrity than ...


Han Solo Is the Best Star Wars Movie Says Woody Harrelson

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Woody Harrelson makes a bold statement about Han Solo while talking about the team behind this second Star Wars story.


Woody Harrelson catches up with former ‘Cheers’ co-star

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He reunited with Rhea Perlman after the premiere of his new film “Wilson.”


The real reason Woody Harrelson stopped smoking pot

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He stopped smoking “that good herb” almost a year ago.


Woody Harrelson Has Quit Pot and Is Learning How to Be Quiet On Camera

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At first, Woody Harrelson appears to fit the primary stereotype about him: He seems like he’s stoned. While chatting with Vulture at Manhattan’s Whitby Hotel over the weekend, he declined to sit in the interview chair selected by his publicist, opting instead to lie on his king-sized bed, stretching his ...


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