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TASTE OF THE TOUR: Duck legs and red wine in Carcassonne

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For the Tour de France riders having lost any hope of a good placing in Paris, or those not too obsessed with their diet, the first stage in the Pyrenees offers a vast array of culinary treats

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Woman Claims Flight Attendants Laughed At Her After She Asked To Be Moved Away From Masturbating Man

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A woman took to social media to complain about the way she was treated by flight attendants after she asked them if she could change her seat because she didn't want to be next to a masturbating man.
Genevieve Pascolla posted her story, which allegedly occurred during a June 4 flight from London to Chicago on United Airlines, on on July 14.
"I woke up and saw him touching himself under a blanket," she wrote.
She said that she alerted the woman seated next to her and then told flight attendants about the situation.
"The attendants checked and confirmed that he was masturbating in public," the 26-year-old continued, adding that both she and the other woman were then given new seats on the airplane.
Pascolla said the plane's staff then started "making jokes about the situation," asking her what kind of perfume she was wearing and excusing the man by saying that he "had a bit of wine."


Cannibal Ate Girlfriend’s Roasted Brain And Drank Her Blood After Killing Her

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A man on trial in Russia told the court that he was trying to "get inspiration to write poetry" when he allegedly killed and then ate a part of his girlfriend.
On March 8, 2017, Dmitry Luchin went to his girlfriend Olga Budunova's apartment in Valdai to celebrate International Women's Day over some "romantic" drinks of wine, reported the .
Sometime during their date, the 21-year-old allegedly decided to kill his 45-year-old lover by smashing her over the head with a wine bottle an astounding 25 times.
According to , Alexandra Dedova, a witness at the crime scene who heard Luchin's initial testimony to the police (a common practice in Russia), said that he used blood from Budunova's cracked skull to draw a sign on her door in order to "summon the devil."
"He waited for five minutes, but the devil did not appear," said the 21-year-old.


Pence's hometown in Indiana feels hit from Trump tariffs

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One company and one family loom large over this city, intertwined for decades. Cummins Inc. is the biggest employer in Columbus, built into a $20 billon heavy-equipment manufacturer with the help of Mike Pence, who as governor passed special tax cuts and made trade visits to China on its behalf....


Character Select: Mirrored Foil - Frog and Magus

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Character Select looks at Frog and Magus, two characters from Chrono Trigger whose story intertwines so closely, the two are mirrored foils of each other.

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Fukushima’s Nuclear Imprint Is Found in California Wine (Drinkers, Don’t Panic)

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A French research team says it has stumbled on the Japanese disaster’s signature in California wine, but the radioactive levels are too low to be dangerous.

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This is why your red wine tastes funny during a heatwave

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And why you need to be keeping your red wine in the fridge over the summer months

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TASTE OF THE TOUR: Truffle treasures in the Drome region

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TASTE OF THE TOUR: Truffle treasure, fine Rhone Valley wines and good cheese on the way to Valence

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This is why your red wine tastes funny during a heatwave

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And why you need to be keeping your red wine in the fridge over the summer months

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