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The Walking Dead Recap: A Farewell to Arms

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Early on in tonight’s episode, Zeke tells Henry to be proud of the work he’s done — that some day, the boy will regale his grandchildren with the tale of this infrastructure project. Henry is skeptical: “I’m not going to bore my grandkids telling them a story about a bridge.” ...


Homeowner’s Surveillance Video Catches Mailman Urinating On Porch

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Surveillance footage has revealed that a mailman dropped off more than just letters and packages during his route around a neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee.
reports that a homeowner named Scott Anderson was shocked to find that the postal worker had urinated on his porch as he made his deliveries. The video posted on their site shows the mailman walking from the sidewalk to the porch and spraying what appears to be urine as he makes his way to the mailbox. The porch is dry before he approaches but you can see a trail of liquid behind him as he sorts through the mail and deposits envelopes into the box. He's also careful to sidestep the urine as he leaves.
According to , USPS has launched an investigation into the incident.


West Coast rail: Virgin Rail and Stagecoach net £51.2m in dividends

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Despite walking away from another franchise, Virgin Rail and Stagecoach shared £51.2m in dividends.

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Right-wing march in London turns violent, 1 arrested

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London police have made at least one arrest at as a march by a right-wing political group turned violent in the British capital.
Hundreds of supporters of the Democratic Football Lads Alliance were walking in central London on Saturday when a few started pushing the British police monitoring the...


Florida Gas Station Owner Has To Ask Patrons To Stop Warming Up Their Urine In His Microwave

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The owner of a gas station in Florida has a bizarre problem. He claims that random people have been using the microwave to heat urine.
Parul Patel, owner of On the Fly convenience store and BP gas station in Jacksonville, said that he is fed up of people walking in and using the microwave to warm their container of urine.
"We got sick and tired of people bringing their urine containers," Patel told the ."They're just random people walking and it's happening every day."
Worse, the people who do this are not even Patel's customers. They just walk in off of the street, microwave their containers of urine, and then leave.
Patel's problem appears to have something to do with the location of the gas station. It is just within walking distance of Quest Diagnostics and a LabCorp. These two companies offer drug testing services and collect urine samples.


Man who shot at black teen from porch found guilty of assault

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Brennan Walker, 14, knocked on Jeffrey Zeigler's door to ask for directions after he got lost while walking to school.

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'Modern Family' Creator Steve Levitan's Divorce Final, Ex Gets Millions

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Steve Levitan's bitter divorce has come to an end, and his ex-wife is walking away with a huge amount of money ... but so is he. According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Krista Levitan will get at least $4 MILLION a year in income from...

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The Walking Dead Stars Reveal Their Pop Culture Favorites in the Most Adorable Game

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The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead stars routinely deal with, well, the walking dead, humans who have died and then come back. There's never much levity on the show because, you know, the undead, so when E!...

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Five to Try: Amazon Prime Video hits the Play Store, and The Walking Dead begins March to War

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Grab this week's biggest new Android app and game releases.

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Large scale study shows slow walking pace is good predictor of heart-related deaths

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Study suggests that middle-aged people who report that they are slow walkers could be at higher risk of heart disease compared to the general population.


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