Monday, 20 August 2018
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China defies U.S. pressure as EU parts ways with Iranian oil

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China, seeking to skirt U.S. sanctions, will use oil tankers from Iran for its purchases of that country's crude, throwing Tehran a lifeline while European companies such as France's Total are walking away due to fear of reprisals from Washington.


Nashville on edge as police hunt 'cold-blooded' murder suspects

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Authorities said the pair may be linked to a string of recent crimes, including four attempted robberies and the killing of a man walking to a bus stop.

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Corpse Mob Review | GameGrin

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James Martin writes: "Its difficult to pinpoint exactly when the zombie craze started. Some say 28 Days Later in 2002, or Dawn of the Dead a couple of years later in 2004. Others go back as far as George Romeros Dawn of the Dead in 1978. Of course, its hard to ignore The Walking Dead, too, although Id say that Rick and co. have just managed to sustain interest over a longer period of time. But here we are in 2018, with the zombie virus still infecting a large part of our medium."


The millions of Hindu devotees walking across India

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Every year, devotees wearing saffron clothes cross the country to collect water from the holy Ganges.

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Potential path to repair MS-damaged nerves

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Gene expression in specific cells and in specific regions can provide a more precise, neuroprotective approach than traditional treatments for neurological diseases. For multiple sclerosis, specifically, increasing cholesterol synthesis gene expression in astrocytes of the spinal cord can be a pathway to repair nerves that affect walking.

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The Walking Dead - The Final Season Episode 1: Done Running Review (PS4) | Gamespot

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Telltale begins the final verse of Clementine's ballad on a high note.

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JEJE Guesthouse / skimA

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The project site is located in 5 minutes walking distance from Yeongju train station and at the junction between the residential area and commercial district. Although the site is classified and sit on the commercial district, mostly neighboring with single-family houses built in the 1970s and made of concrete block.

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Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1 Done Running Review | Goomba Stomp

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TWD has returned for its final chapter, and when it comes to The Walking Dead: The Final Season, the biggest shocks arent in the story but in the massive overhaul to Telltales engine.

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8 bonkers crossovers that need to happen

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Mick Doherty: "With the recent announcement that Negan from The Walking Dead will be heading to Tekken 7 to take on the likes of Kazuya, Kuma and Devil Jin, it got me thinking about other series that could do with an injection of random, and obviously extremely well suited characters. Read on to see my top picks of who Id like to see join the cast of some well-known series."

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Telltale's The Walking Dead Is No Longer An Easy Platinum Trophy

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Judging from The Walking Dead: The Final Season, Telltale might be shifting away from giving out easy Platinum trophies.

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