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Console Gaming is at a Crossroad

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PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: The future of console gaming begins here. Sony and Microsoft have been walking the same path for nearly 20 years, when it comes to gaming hardware. Instead of leaves, shiny silver game discs dangle from the trees, while black and white boxes of varying sizes line the underbrush, covered in decades of debris and Doritos dust. Both companies know this trail well -- but it's about to split in two. As they approach the fork in the road, Sony and Microsoft are focused on different features. Sony's head is down, studying the systems that work now and have worked for generations, improving on them in expected, yet still highly anticipated ways. Microsoft is looking ahead. It's attempting to build a different future, and it's taking a risk by removing its gaze from the beaten path. There's a ton of momentum behind streaming and all-digital gaming right now, but these services could fail. Broadband and mobile networks may not be ready f...


Naked Man Apprehended On Tarmac At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

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Several travelers at Chicago's O'Hare airport caught photos and video of a naked man walking around on the tarmac this week. The man seemed to be strolling around near the Delta Air Lines terminal in nothing but shoes and socks.
said that while multiple witnesses insist the man walked off a Delta flight, there was no confirmation of this. Ultimately, he was detained at gate C10. The man, who had distinctive tattoos, was said to be walking around "confidently," and was just steps away from boarding the airplane when he was stopped by two officers.
reported that after police handcuffed the man, they draped a neon vest across his midsection in an effort to "preserve some of the man's dignity." It's unclear how the man got through security without any clothing, but people who posted images of the man say that he "waited out" delays in that state, according to witnesses.


Woman tossed puppies into Coachella dumpster, authorities say

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The footage shows the woman getting out of her car and walking over towards the dumpster and she appears to be looking for a spot to leave them


Amazing four-legged fossil shows how walking whales learned to swim

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A fossil discovered in Peru shows that early whales managed to spread around the world while they were still capable of walking on land

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Burning Daylight Gameplay Free Dystopian Adventure Game

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CG writes: Made by 12 students from The Animation Workshop comes Burning Daylight. A free-to-play sci-fi themed dystopian adventure cum walking sim available now via Steam. The game features some awesome audio visual elements and is well worth checking out. It does feature, some nudity and sexual themes but isnt the focus.


We'd rather not: Americans like marijuana but don't want a dispensary in their town

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Residents are concerned there will be "people in tie-dyed shirts walking out the front door," said one dispensary executive. “This is a medical facility, we have medical professionals on staff.”

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What we just learned about the 2016 campaign from the redacted Mueller report

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Walking through new details about the Trump campaign.

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The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series announced by Skybound Games

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Neil writes: "No matter whether you have been there from the very first moments, or have only just discovered the wonders of The Walking Dead, the draw is huge. So huge in fact that Skybound Games have now announced The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series for Xbox One, PS4 and PC."


A 30-minute walk may reduce blood pressure by as much as medication

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Walking for 30 minutes on a treadmill in the morning reduced blood pressure for people for the rest of the day by as much as taking medication

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Just an hour of weekly walking staves off disability

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Just one hour a week of brisk walking -- as if you are late to an appointment or trying to make a train -- staves off disability in older adults with arthritis pain, or aching or stiffness in a knee, hip, ankle or foot, a new study finds.

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