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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is reopened

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Volcanoes Hawaii National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii has finally re-opened its doors for the public to visit this wonderful park in Hawaii to explore and enjoy. Closed recently for 3 months because of the damage to the park, earthquakes and the major collapse of the main caldera at Halema'uma'u, the park is again ...]

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BIG Reveals Skyscraper Design for First Project in South America

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Soon to become the tallest building in , is 's first project to be built in . Currently undergoing construction, the largely building is a curved tower with gradually protruding balconies. Encased between the dense city and the park, the self-dubbed "" aims not only to encompass the surrounding views of the volcanoes and nature beyond but also to integrate the landscape within the building itself.

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Volcano researcher learns how Earth builds supereruption-feeding magma systems

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After studying layers of pumice, measuring the amount of crystals in the samples and using thermodynamic models, the team determined that magma moved closer to the surface with each successive eruption.

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Volcano erupts in Indonesia days after a devastating earthquake and tsunami

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A volcano erupted Wednesday on the same island in Indonesia where an earthquake and tsunami last week killed at least 1,400 people.

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Scientists say they've found a lost world of volcanoes near Tasmania

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Researchers in Australia say they have discovered a volcanic lost world attracting a variety of marine life.

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NASA wants to contain Yellowstone supervolcano that can end the world in one eruption

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One of the greatest threats to humanity and most life on Earth is not, surprisingly nuclear war, or even climate change. The Yellowstone national park in the US is home to one of the biggest supervolcanoes in the planet and a full-scale eruption from it has the potential to wipe out humanity from existence, now NASA wants to try and contain it. The problem with Yellowstone is not that it is the only supervolcano on Earth....

South American Twists And Asian Inspiration At Avenue Restaurant And Bar

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Simon Wittenberg heads to St.James’s Street to sample Avenue’s cuisine which stems from the culinary regions that surround the “Ring of fire”, the volcanic belt containing more than 75% of the world’s active and dormant volcanoes. Avenue Restaurant and Bar was first unveiled in the nineties with more of an American theme by the former...

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A weekend exploring Edinburgh and beyond – history, culture and quirky cafes

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Spectacularly perched on a series of extinct volcanoes and rocky crags, Scotland’s capital city is a justifiably proud and noble city. Instantly visually striking, friendly, lively - there’s a thriving tight-knit local scene of music, art and theatre - and sublimely elegant in equal measures, there’s not a city in the world quite like it....

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