Sunday, 17 February 2019
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US military build-up on Russia border - days after Putin's 'mock invasion' drills REVEALED

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THE US has ramped up its military response to Russian aggression, with plans for a permanent military base in Poland - and a rapid build of tanks along Vladimir Putin’s border.


Russia MOCKS Europe as ‘TOO WEAK’ to stand up to US over missiles on territory

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EUROPEAN countries are too afraid to argue with Donald Trump’s administration and declare they do not want to host US medium-range missiles on their territory, Russian President Vladimir Putin said as the fallout from the collapse of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Treaty continues.


Russia brands US sanctions ‘RACKETEERING’ and warns it’s stepping up its defence

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VLADIMIR Putin’s spokesman accused the US of carrying out a policy against Russia bordering on “racketeering” after the US Congress introduced new sanctions against Moscow.


Coven Of Witches Form A ‘Circle Of Power’ To Support Putin And Curse Russia’s Enemies

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A "circle of power" has just been formed in Russia to protect Vladimir Putin and his country from their enemies both at home and abroad.
If that sounds a little bit weird, it's because it is. Let's journey a little further down this particular rabbit hole shall we? reports that the power circle in question was actually created by a coven of witches who have got together with the sole intention of casting magical spells which will protect and improve Russia.
In a special ceremony attended by the broomstick brigade, the lead witch, Alyona Polyn, rang a big bell and recited spells, incantations, and curses, while her fellow witches surrounded her in a magical circle holding spell books and chanting, "we have gathered here to make the world better off through Russia."


Kremlin, after summit, says no offensive planned in Syria's Idlib

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President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia, Turkey and Iran had agreed to take unspecified extra steps to clear Syria's Idlib region of what he called "a hotbed of terrorists," but the Kremlin said there would be no military operation there.


Putin says militants in Syria's Idlib region will not go unpunished

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that aggressive actions by militants in Syria's rebel-held province of Idlib would not go unpunished.


Putin to Turkey and Iran: We must crush militants in Syria's Idlib

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Russian President Vladimir Putin told Turkey and Iran on Thursday he wanted them to devise a joint plan to wipe out what he called "a hotbed of terrorists" in Syria's Idlib region, an idea Moscow has so far tried and failed to sell to Ankara.


Russia says no signs of U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria

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President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia had not noted any big changes suggesting the United States was moving to withdraw its troops from Syria, following an order from U.S. President Donald Trump.


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