Monday, 26 February 2018
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Someone has recreated Uncharted 4's Treasury Courtyard in Unreal Engine 4 and it looks really cool

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3D artist, Yury Vorobiev, has remade Uncharted 4s Treasury Courtyard map in Unreal Engine 4, and shared some screenshots from its final stage. It's an interesting remake though unfortunately the artist did not release this map to the public.

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Neil Druckmann on Inspiration for The Last of Us 2, Content Cut from Uncharted 4

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Find out what the director had to say about Naughty Dog's latest projects during a panel today at DICE.

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Tempest second DLC Jade Sea is now available for PC

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Herocraft has decided to sail on uncharted territories with Jade Sea, the second DLC for Tempest, its successful pirate action RPG in an open world, is now available on Steam.

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Zambia's 'once in a lifetime' challenge

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Zambia's rugby players are about to enter uncharted territory.


Monster Hunter World review: Forget the loot - it's all about the thrill of the hunt | PC World

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Assuming the role of a hunter sent as part of an expedition to uncharted wilderness of The New World, Monster Hunter: World sees you hunt exotic monsters, mine their corpses for materials, build better armor and more-powerful weapons and then hunt bigger monsters.


How Uncharted 4's Retro Surprise Was Rebuilt From Scratch

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GI: "If you've played Uncharted 4, you were probably thrown for a bit of a loop when Uncharted 4 not only references Crash Bandicoot, but lets you play an entire level of the game in-game (whoa, that's meta). You may have thought, however, that developer Naughty Dog simply emulated their older game inside their newer one. You'd be wrong."


PSN Flash Sale! Save on Uncharted 4, Overwatch GOTY and More

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Head over to PlayStation Store this weekend for savings up to 70%.


Australian Deputy PM Calls Turnbull 'Inept' Amid Fallout From Sex Scandal

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Australia's coalition government has found itself in a precarious spot after Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce's extramarital affair with a former staffer became public and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had some harsh words for Joyce, according to Bloomberg. Turnbull lashed out at Joyce over the affair that ended his 24-year marriage and said he made a "shocking error of judgement." But Joyce, 50, fought back to argue that Turnbull's criticism was "inept" and "unnecessary." “This breakdown in the relationship puts Australia in uncharted waters -- it’s not just about these two men but the fates of their parties,” said Martin Drum, a senior political lecturer at Notre Dame University in...

10 Romantic Video Game Moments You Will Never Top

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Twinfinite: "Valentines Day is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate than by recounting the most romantic moments in video games? Be warned that this article contains spoilers for the following games: Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, NieR: Automata, The Last of Us: Left Behind, Silent Hill 2, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus, Uncharted 4, and Persona 5."

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Play-Asia Weekly Special: Sword Art Online: Lost Song, Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End & More

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Play-Asia has reduced the prices on 8 gaming products including Sword Art Online: Lonst Song for PS Vita and Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End for PS4.


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