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The Crew 2 Review | PC Invasion

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PC Invasion: Theres been a decent number of open-world racers before, but what sets The Crew 2 apart from the rest is its interesting concept of conquering land, sea, and air. Its this concept which got me intrigued about the game back when it was first announced, and after now having played it for several hours, I believe its safe to say that Ubisofts Ivory Tower team made a good choice by implementing it. But, in a twist of sweet irony, its this standout feature of The Crew 2 which is arguably both its biggest strength and weakness.

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Hungry Shark World Heading to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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Ubisoft has announced that Hungry Shark World, from the acclaimed Hungry Shark mobile franchise, will launch on PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on July 17th.

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Rainbow Six Siege immediately bans players for using slurs

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Toxicity and abusive language is a problem that almost every large multiplayer game where players communicate with each other faces, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is no exception. That said, Ubisoft has taken another step in addressing the age ol' issue. Since yesterday, dozens of players have been getting instantly banned when they use slurs of the racial or sexual varieties.

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The Crew 2 Review: Where is Everybody? | Ars Technica

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Steven Strom from Ars Technica writes: "Over the years, Ubisoft has quietly and steadily built itself a reputation for supporting its games tremendously after launch. Those efforts usually pay off; most Ubisoft games released in the past few years are meaningfully bigger and better than they were at launch. But what those games typically have (and The Crew 2 lacks) are solid foundations. Instead, the new open-world racing game feels so light on features, personality, and fundamentally enjoyable activities that Id swear its an Early Access gameaside from the telltale graphical polish that comes with a big budget. Its enough to make me wonder if the publisher is abusing its own it gets better model. Because this game still feels like it needs to be finished."

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We Will Keep Writing This Article Until Ubisoft Uses These 8 Settings For Assassin's Creed

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Twinfinite Writes: The Assassin's Creed series has been all around history at this point, but there are still plenty of time periods that would be a perfect fit for the franchise.

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The Crew 2 Review (PS4) - GearNuke

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It is slightly disappointing to see how Ubisoft decided to just focus on making a bigger open world game while forgetting the essentials of what makes them so great. The Crew 2 has a lot of potential in the future with free updates and content that might be added to it, but in its current launch state, it is, unfortunately, a shallow experience that doesn't have much to offer for those who are looking for a competent racing game.

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Can The Division Change its Destiny

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Player 2 takes a look at both The Division and Destiny 2 to try and determine the lessons Ubisoft needs to learn with The Division 2. Can they succeed on the shoulders of those that came before?

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The Crew 2 Review | More Racing Disciplines than you can Shake a Stick at | PlayStationing

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PlayStationing writes: "The Crew garnered a mixed reception from critics, but still went on to sell well over 2 million units, so its no wonder that Ubisoft have been deep into development of the sequel. The Crew 2 starts off with one of the greatest openings to a racing game ever. Shifting from multiple race types in a split second and all the while the horizon is shifting and folding onto itself ala Inception. You get to experience the entire game in a few minutes, so the bar is set high, but can it sustain it in the long run?"

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Ubisoft are moving away from finite experiences but lets not abandon a search for meaning

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If the future is 7/10 games with no conclusion, then it might be game over for some of the uncompromising tales we've held most dear. Dan Dawkins writes, "Ubisoft has been talking about a desire to create games that do not give finite experiences i.e. for the game to keep going after youve finished it, with unlimited gameplay. We build a strong nemesis, and the goal of the game is to kill him or free the country, we've done that a few times in our games, explains Ubisofts Executive Vice President of Creative, Lionel Raynaud, whose job title is an exercise in testing finite boundaries. But when you succeed, you have to leave the game, because there is nothing else to do. So the goal was to break this, and say that you will be the hero of a region or population many times, not just once. And if you get rid of a dictator or an oppressor, something else is going to happen in the world, and you will have a new goal. I appreciate that life isnt about riding into the sunset lik...

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Skull & Bones will be supported with "seasons" of content

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Ubisoft's Justin Farren joined Gamereactor for a chat at E3.

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