Friday, 28 April 2017
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Settlement would have companies pay millions for spill

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Residential customers and small businesses could receive thousands of dollars under a proposed settlement with the companies sued for a chemical spill and resulting water crisis in West Virginia's capital area three years ago.


North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear tests could trigger massive VOLCANIC ERUPTION

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KIM Jong-Un's nuclear tests could cause a massive volcano to erupt killing thousands in Asia and Europe, a geologist has warned.


Hamilton rejects Vettel s sandbagging accusation

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"I don t know why he would suggest that [we are sandbagging]. That s just Sebastian, trying to blow smoke our way..."

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Network management vulnerability exposes cable modems to hacking

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Hundreds of thousands of internet gateway devices around the world, primarily residential cable modems, are vulnerable to hacking because of a serious weakness in their Simple Network Management Protocol implementation.
SNMP is used for automated network device identification, monitoring and remote configuration. It is supported and enabled by default in many devices, including servers, printers, networking hubs, switches and routers.
Independent researchers Ezequiel Fernandez and Bertin Bervis recently found a way to bypass SNMP authentication on 78 models of cable modems that ISPs from around the world have provided to their customers.
Their internet scans revealed hundreds of thousands of devices whose configurations could be changed remotely through the SNMP weakness that .


A database of thousands of credit cards was left exposed on the open internet

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The data was exposed for at least six months -- likely longer.

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Luxury festival descends into chaos – with 'disaster relief tents' and emergency crisps

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Tickets cost thousands

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The PSVR Excels as a 3D Blu-ray Display

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EB: Naturally when Sony revealed this new feature for the PSVR I regained hope that the hundreds of dollars, if not thousands I spent on 3D Blu-rays wouldnt be wasted after all. Well, I finally got around to trying the PSVRs 3D functionality, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Outside of the fact that I now have to wear a headset to watch 3D movies, I consider the PSVRs handling of the depth effect to be one of the best Ive experienced, and the closest Ive seen to what you get in a real deal movie theater.


Family Travel at Cavallo Point Lodge, the Ultimate Bay Area Destination

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Cavallo Point is an upscale, environmentally, family-friendly (and dog-friendly) resort located next to the Golden Gate Bridge on the Sausalito side of the San Francisco Bay.


WATCH: Brazilian military police clash with indigenous protesters

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Police hurled tear gas at thousands of indigenous protesters, who responded by throwing spears and shooting arrows at what started as a peaceful demonstration on Tuesday.

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Woman loses five-and-a-half-stone in 18-months after being fat shamed by her doctor

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PERSONAL trainer and health coach, Brenna Alexander, 34, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA said that she was never happy with the way that she looked and never felt comfortable in her clothes, preferring to wear baggy clothing to cover up.

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