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UFO Sightings: Bizarre-Looking Object Captured By Wildlife Photographer In Oshawa, Canada — See Pic

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UFO sightings are not a regular occurrence in Oshawa, a city in Ontario, Canada known for its proximity to Lake Ontario shoreline, which is why wildlife photographer Ken Rice was completely taken by surprise when he witnessed one on Saturday (June 21, 2017).
At about 7:45 p.m., just when the Oshawa photographer was just getting back to his car after shooting photographs at the marsh area near the General Motors of Canada headquarters, he saw a very high up in the sky, far away in the distance.
As previously reported by Durham Region, Rice thought that what he was looking at was a "big turkey vulture" so he took a snap of it anyway.
Rice says he wondered if what he saw was a balloon but immediately dismissed the idea because the object was too high up in the sky and sped away too fast for it to be one.


UFO Disabled 10 Nuclear-Armed ICBMs In Silos, U.S. Government Covered-Up Alien Attack, Ex-Serviceman Claims

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In December of 1966, Captain David D. Schindele, a Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch crew commander at the Minot Air Force Base, claimed that he witnessed a saucer-shaped UFO flying over the air base and disabling all 10 nuclear warhead-equipped ICBMs in his charge.
Schindele, who was stationed at Minot AFB near Mohall, North Dakota, from July 1965 to May 1968, claimed that senior Air Force officials were aware of the UFO incident but warned him to never to speak about it. They urged him to erase the incident from his memory like it never happened. However, information about the UFO sighting was leaked to the local media, and on December 6, 1966, the local newspaper, the Minot Daily News, published a story on its front page about UFO sightings in the area and at the launch facility, under the headline, "Minot Launch Control Center ‘Saucer' Cited As One Indication of Outer Space Visitors."


TV Roundup: Kevin Spacey to Be Honored With International Emmy Founders Award

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In today’s roundup, Kevin Spacey is honored with the International Emmy Founders Award, CBS welcomes Daniel Henney to the cast of "Criminal Minds," and Comet TV partners with the UFO Festival for the 70th anniversary. AWARD SHOWS Kevin Spacey will be receiving the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award. The International Academy of Television Arts and...


Simon Beaufoy to Adapt ‘In the Skin of a Lion’ From ‘English Patient’ Author

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British screenwriter Simon Beaufoy has signed on to adapt the immigrant story "In the Skin of a Lion" as a movie for Serendipity Point Films, UK's Film4 and Potboiler Films. Serendipity's Robert Lantos ("Barney's Version," "Eastern Promises") and Potboiler's Andrea Calderwood ("A Most Wanted Man," "The Last King of Scotland") will produce. The project is...

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Roswell Incident Update: ‘Expert’ Obtains ‘Top Secret’ Documents Proving Aliens Crashed In New Mexico

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The Roswell incident in New Mexico back in 1947 is the most compelling and most-talked about UFO sighting ever reported, and Daily Star reports that a UFO ‘expert' has claimed to have in her possession did happen.
Heather Wade, a paranormal expert and radio talk show host, claims that she obtained a top secret US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document from an unnamed source. The DIA document, she says, contains a detailed report on how the UFO crashed on New Mexico.
On June 2, 1947, the U.S. Air Force announced in a press release that a flying saucer crashed on a ranch in Roswell. Before long, the military retracted its statement, claiming that the UFO was just a crashed air balloon.
Ms. Wade says that the leaked government documents in her possession show proof that the U.S. government has not been telling the entire truth about the Roswell incident.


UFO Sightings: Kurt Russell And Former Arizona Governor Talk Openly About ‘Phoenix Lights’ Incident

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The UFO sighting known as the "Phoenix Lights" was reported by actor Kurt Russell on March 13, 1997, when he was piloting a plane over Phoenix at the time, but what do we know today about this extraordinary event? On the night in question, witnesses spotted a large string of extremely bright lights that were flying in what appeared to be a V formation. While some witnesses have claimed to see some kind of UFO aircraft behind the beaming lights, others only saw the lights themselves.
Before anyone knew that Kurt Russell was the pilot who had phoned in the "Phoenix Lights" incident, 20,000 other residents also witnessed the alleged UFO sighting. One of these individuals was , who said that even though she had never been a believer in UFOs before, this event changed her mind.


Six USAF ‘Fighter Jets’ Spotted Chasing Mysterious Red-Orange 30-Foot Sphere UFO Over Georgia

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UFO researchers are investigating a report by a resident of Ty Ty, southern Georgia, that he sighted a group of United States Air Force (USAF) jets apparently escorting or chasing a red-orange sphere UFO across the sky at an altitude of about 600 feet.
According to the unnamed witness in a testimony filed on March 4, 2017, as Case 82496 in the reporting database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), he was stargazing with a telescope outside his home at about 10 p.m. on February 21, 2017, in Ty Ty, a town in Tift County, Georgia, about 100 miles east of Columbus, Georgia, when he heard jet engine sounds coming from the north. He looked northwards, in the direction of the jet engine sounds and noticed in the dark sky a row of flashing white strobe lights and a reddish-orange ball or sphere in the middle.


Kurt Russell Is the Pilot Who Reported Phoenix Lights UFO Sighting

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Legendary actor Kurt Russell opens up about his experience with the now infamous Phoenix Lights UFO sighting.


Flying Saucer UFOs Spotted In Formation Over Louisiana, Disappeared Behind ‘Cloud Cloaking Device’

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A man in Lafayette, Louisiana, has reported sighting two saucer-shaped UFOs flying in a tight formation through clouds over Lafayette, Louisiana. He observed the mysterious flying saucer UFOs through a pair of binoculars as they passed between clouds, "one on top of the other." The witness watched through his binoculars as the mysterious UFOs disappeared into a dark cloud that he suspected was an artificially generated "cloaking device."
The sighting, which occurred at about 5 p.m. on May 27, 2017, is being investigated by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), to Open Minds TV. MUFON is an organization based on the U.S. that documents and investigates reported alien and UFO sightings around the world.

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Roswell UFO Proof At Last? Alleged DIA Document Leak ‘Confirms’ Crashed Alien Spacecraft, Dead Aliens

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An alleged leak of top-secret U.S. government documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) appears to confirm that a flying saucer UFO really did crash at a ranch a few miles from Roswell, New Mexico, in July of 1947. The alleged DIA documents also appear to confirm that alien bodies were recovered from the wreckage of the . The documents, according to UFO researchers, could provide vital evidence backing up claims that the U.S. government hushed up an alien UFO crash near Roswell, in an incident that UFO disclosure activists have described as the biggest cover-up in history.
Heather Wade, the host of the late night paranormal radio show Midnight in the Desert, to have obtained a 47-page DIA dossier containing an "ultra top secret" report about multiple alien and UFO sighting incidents. The dossier includes a detailed six-page report on the fabled 1947 Roswell incident.


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