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Raiden V: Director's Cut for PS4 listed at Amazon

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Raiden V, originally released for Xbox One on May 2016, is coming to PlayStation 4 as Raiden V: Directors Cut via UFO Interactive, an Amazon listing has revealed.

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UFO Strange Objects Captured Hovering Near The Sun Using SOHO Camera

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UFO news stories usually tell of mysterious flying objects hovering above our own planet Earth, but there have been recent reports suggesting that alleged aliens have been visiting the sun on a regular basis, presumably to siphon energy from the massive ball of flame.
SecureTeam10, an organization of UFO researchers, has posted on YouTube a new video showing footage of alleged UFOs hovering near the Sun. The footage was reportedly taken via the SOHO camera, a satellite that has been orbiting the sun since 1995. Designed to study the internal structure of the sun, SOHO images and videos are available to anybody for viewing. As such, a couple of UFO enthusiasts pointed out "anomalous activity" in some of the footage taken via the SOHO satellite, suggesting that alien spacecraft have been visiting our sun on a regular basis for possibly millions of years.

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Odd UFO Sighting Group In Australia Causes A Government Controversy

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According to BBC, the Australian government recently into a UFO sighting organization that is has unknowingly been funding for years. The group's inner workings are fairly mysterious, and Australian government officials are trying to uncover more details about them. Despite that fact, though, the group has been taking money from the government for years in the form of taxpayer funding.
Now that the government is aware that some money is going to the Tuggerah Lakes UFO Group each year, they need to find out more about the group to determine if that funding should continue. After all, money from the government is taxpayer money, and the organizations it goes to should be helping society as a whole. Does a UFO sighting group meet that criterion?

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UFO Sightings: ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star Has Gone Haywire Again And Scientists Are Baffled

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The ever mysterious again, and at this point it's fair to say that scientists are on the verge of witnessing the most remarkable UFO sighting in history.
Tabby's star, also called the Boyajian star, is once again exhibiting an eccentric pattern of dimming and brightening, prompting astronomers around the world to turn their telescopes towards it in the hopes of solving the mystery behind its strange behavior, as reported by Gizmodo.

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UFO Massive UFO Crash Site ‘Spotted’ In Antarctica — See Photo Inside

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UFO sightings have been all too common in the news lately, but a Russian UFO hunter might have spotted the largest of them all. Interestingly, the object in question wasn't spotted in the skies, but in Antarctica of all places.
Valentin Degteryov showed images of the millions of years ago, Fox News reports. The images, taken via Google Earth, show a huge object jutting out of the snow. Degeryov, a resident of Nizhny Tagil in Western Russia, says that the object is 1,900 feet long.
The Russian conspiracy theorist claimed that the alleged alien spaceship has been made visible after the snow that used to cover it melted - an explanation that makes sense if one takes into account climate change.
Degteryov's YouTube video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views since it made the news yesterday.

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Nuforce Black DAC80 Black Digital To Analog Converter And Pre-amp - $299.99

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Newegg offers Nuforce Black DAC80 Black Digital To Analog Converter And Pre-amp for $299.99 with code. ...

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Nuforce DAC80 Digital To Analog Converter for $300 + free shipping

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Newegg offers the Nuforce DAC80 Digital To Analog Converter and Pre-Amp in Black for $539.99. Coupon code "0516SHGH89" cuts that to $299.99. With free shipping, that's the lowest price we could find by $10, although most retailers charge at least $370 (if not up to $550). It supports up to 192kHz/24-bit PCM, 100-ohms impedance, USB input, and RCA output. Deal ends May 22.

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UFO Sightings: Six Hovering Triangles Photographed Over San Diego, California

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UFO sightings have been on the rise in the past few years, with the most recent one being sighted over Escondido in northern San Diego, as reported by Open Minds.
The witness, who wasn't identified in the report, has reportedly spotted multi-colored lights in the shape of a triangle hovering over tree tops near his apartment. The California witness spotted the UFOs from a fourth-story balcony at around 8:40 p.m. on April 15, 2017.
"One large, vertically-oriented triangular arrangement of multi-colored lights was seen hovering about 500 feet above the tree tops between one-half mile to one mile away," the witness said.
The unnamed witness found out immediately that there was more than one object.
"Five more smaller, triangular arrangements of multi-colored lights were seen to the west at a lower altitude, just above the tree tops. The five smaller triangles slowly moved to the west during this 15-minute observation, until they disappeared into clouds."

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Australian government reviews funding for UFO group

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A government minister says he will seek "more detail" about public payments to the group.

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The 18th Annual McMenamins UFO Festival Is On This Weekend In Oregon

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Are you a believer in all things pertaining to UFOs? Do you live in Oregon? Well, this weekend, McMinnville is holding the 18th annual McMenamins UFO Festival at Hotel Oregon.
Included in the for this year's UFO Festival is a hypnotherapist, an alien abduction expert, and Air Force veterans according to the Portland Tribute.
The McMenamins UFO Festival lists the following speakers.

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