Sunday, 27 May 2018
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Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi returns to face investigation

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The head of the Ghana Football Association Kwesi Nyantakyi arrives in the country on Wednesday to face an investigation ordered by President Nana Akufo-Addo.


Viral Video Reveals Triangular-Shaped UFO ‘Siphoning Energy’ From A Lightning Bolt

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A new video uploaded by the "Secureteam10" YouTube channel on May 5 is making conspiracy theorists more and more confident that we're headed for an alien disclosure in the near future. The lengthy video, which you can watch below, features an image of a "triangular-shaped UFO" over the Czech Republic in Central Europe.
The footage shows the alleged UFO following the lightning bolt with great ease, reports the Indian news website The TeCake. Conspiracy theorists are claiming that no manmade aircraft can pull off such a feat of technology, which suggests that the object must be of alien origin.
In the video, titled "They Dwell in the Lightning," Secureteam10 claims that the purported alien UFO is using the lightning bolt as a power source, harvesting energy through an advanced technology.
Another explanation for this bizarre UFO sighting would be that the mysterious triangular-shaped spacecraft is actually traveling through the lightning bolt, alleged video narrator Tyler Glockner.


The golf-based puzzler Golfy Golf has landed on Steam

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Toronto-based developer Yah Man Games has today released its debut title, the zany puzzler Golfy Golf, via Steam. UFOs and yetis in place of lakes and sand traps, in Yah Man Games' delightful debut!

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Security guard at remote border train station spots mysterious UFO floating across the sky

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Odd footage was recorded on the border between China and Russia, and shows the dome-shaped object appearing for only a few seconds before disappearing into the night

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