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Hackers still threaten a remote wipe of iPhones, despite Apple’s statement

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After news had emerged earlier this week that a hacker group called Turkish Crime Family (TCF) , Apple said that its servers and databases . Instead, the company said that hackers may be using user databases acquired from massive data breaches that affected other parties, such as LinkedIn.
Since the initial disclosure, the TCF reached out to media to provide additional details about their anti-Apple quest, explaining some of their reasoning behind the attack.

In an email from a TCF domain to BGR that was likely distributed to other members of the media, the hackers say they’re still committed to unleashing the attack come April 7th, unless Apple pays up.
The message, which reads like an ad-hoc press release coming from a hackers startup — the email does come from a “press” email account — explains that the report that said the hackers want $75,000 in ransom is false. The hackers also claim that all the communication with Apple was done via ICQ, and all the chats were kept private.
“[We] requested $100,000 for each of our members which is 7 in total or $1 million worth in iTunes vouchers for instant resale at 60% of the original gift card value + Some private stuff that we have agreed not to publicize as we believe it may ruin Turkish Crime Family and Apple relations,” the hackers say. “The second thing is worth more to us than money.”
The hackers say that Apple will force users to reset their passwords to stop them and avoid “serious server issues and customer complaints.”
The TCF group claims it can reset some 2,550 iPhones per minute per server, which amounts to over 38 million accounts per hour. As for the number of affected accounts, it was bumped “from 519 million to 627 to then 717 million.” A Twitter for the group mentioned that 200 million iCloud accounts will be factory reset.
Why are they targeting Apple? Well, strangely enough, this appears to be some sort of retaliation for the recent measures the Department of Justice has taken against the four hackers , an attack that may have affected more than 500 million users.
“We're doing this because we can, and mainly to spread awareness for Karim Baratov and Kerem Albayrak which both are being detained for the Yahoo hack and one of them is most probably facing heavy sentencing in America,” the hackers said. “Kerem Albayrak on the other hand is being accused of listing the Yahoo database for sale online.”
The group says this isn’t a political attack, and that the TCF is a new criminal organization with a lot of resources and power. “This is just the start,” they say. They even have a media department.
The attack on Yahoo was actually a military operation conducted by Russia, the FBI’s investigation proved, so it’s strange to see the hackers claim this isn’t political.
Is this threat real? That remains to be seen. I think it's rather unlikely for this massive remote iPhone wipe to happen. Not because Apple confirmed its servers were not hacked but because of this whole messy PR campaign coming from the hackers. But fo yourself a favor and change your Apple ID password especially if you’ve been using it for any of the online services that were hacked in recent years.

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Hot air balloons over Turkey's Cappadocia

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Since 1988, hot air balloons have filled the skies over the historic Cappadocia region in Nevsehir, Turkey, contributing to the region’s tourism industry. Cappadocia is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its chimney rocks, hot air balloon trips, underground cities and boutique hotels carved into rocks.

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Erdogan says Turkey will review EU ties after April referendum

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Turkey will review all political and administrative ties with the European Union after an April referendum, including a deal to curb illegal migration, but will maintain economic relations with the bloc, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday. In an interview with broadcaster CNN Turk, Erdogan said everything "from A to Z" in Turkey's relations with Europe would be reviewed after the April 16 referendum on constitutional changes that would extend his powers.

Erdogan slams 'pressure' on Turks in Bulgaria ahead of vote

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hit back Thursday at what he called "pressure" on the 700,000 Turks in Bulgaria, as tensions mounted between Ankara and Sofia ahead of elections in the EU state. Bulgaria has voiced anger at Turkey's open support for a party for the ethnic Turkish minority, which is running in the general elections for the first time on March 26. This will not work," Erdogan said during a speech in Ankara, without offering examples.

Eleven refugees drown as boat capsizes in Aegean Sea

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Five children reportedly among the victims, who were all Syrian, after boat sinks off the western coast of Turkey.


UK report: Some Gulenists involved in Turkish coup

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'Relative lack of hard evidence' that Gulen movement as a whole was behind coup attempt, UK Parliament reports says.

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Flynn Said to Discuss With Turkish Officials Removing Erdogan Foe From U.S.

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Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey says he attended a September meeting where other participants, including then-Trump adviser Mike Flynn, talked of moving Fethullah Gulen back to Turkey without going through U.S. extradition process

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Pro-Turkey Hackers Hit Prominent Twitter Accounts

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Hundreds, if not thousands, of Twitter users, many of them high-profile, were hacked Tuesday by someone who appeared to support Turkey in its diplomatic row with the Netherlands. Their accounts displayed a Swastika -- reversed to face to the right -- as well as the Turkish flag and hashtags to the Nazialmanya and Nazihollanda accounts, which displayed comments on the attack.


Turkey must choose between 'recovery or repression', say MPs

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'Large numbers have been punished on the basis of a broad and vague definition of terrorism and a worryingly low threshold of evidence,' Commons Foreign Affairs Commons chair Crispin Blunt says

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Group Demands Apple Pay Ransom for iCloud Credentials

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Apple has received a ransom threat from a hacking group claiming to have access to data for up to 800 million iCloud accounts. The hackers, said to be a group called the "Turkish Crime Family," have threatened to reset passwords and remotely wipe the iPhones of millions of iCloud users if Apple fails to hand over a total of $700,000. They have given the company an ultimatum to respond by April 7.


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