Friday, 15 February 2019
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Fecal transplants: The 'super-donor' phenomenon

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Fecal transplants could be used to treat intestinal disorders like inflammatory bowel disease -- and perhaps even help prevent Alzheimer's and cancer -- if we can unlock the secrets of the gut-rejuvenating 'super donor,' say researchers.

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A child's mix of gut bacteria may determine if they get allergies

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Faecal transplants from healthy children prevent mice from developing allergies, and drugs could mimic this effect in humans

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CRISPR gene editing will find applications in plastic and reconstructive surgery

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The CRISPR genome editing technique promises to be a 'transformative leap' in genetic engineering and therapy, affecting almost every area of medicine. That includes plastic surgery, with potential advances ranging from prevention of craniofacial malformations, to therapeutic skin grafts, to new types of rejection-free transplants, according to a new article.

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Improved In vivo imaging of atherosclerotic plaque development

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Researchers have developed a method for quantitatively assessing atherosclerotic plaque buildup in mice. They transplanted X-ray-irradiated low-density-lipoprotein-knockout mice with bone marrow cells expressing near-infrared fluorescent protein, which subsequently developed into fluorescent macrophages. These macrophages congregated specifically in atherosclerotic plaques that arose after feeding on a high-cholesterol diet. In vivo imaging detected the amount of aortic plaque formed and its change over time, which could help in assessing the efficacy of anti-atherosclerotic drugs.

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Burden of Genius review: The story of the first liver transplants

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On the last of our 12 Days of Culture, a film about pioneering liver transplant surgeon Thomas Starzl is one of sacrificing family life for medical advance

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First baby born thanks to womb transplant from deceased donor

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A woman has successfully given birth after receiving a uterus taken from a dead person. The success could make womb transplants much more widely available

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Heart failure patients, clinicians have differing perceptions of risk level

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Physicians identified a majority of patients with advanced heart failure as at high risk for transplant, left ventricular assist device (LVAD) or death while few of those patients considered...


Under-skin transplants show promise for type 1 diabetes

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Using tissue engineering, researchers show a way forward for treating type 1 diabetes by implanting insulin-producing islet cells under the skin.



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