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Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition Review - Hey Poor Player

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Kenny McKee writes "Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition may look pretty, but its loose storytelling and repetitive gameplay gets stale rather quickly."

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Tokyo 42 Review - GamerKnights

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Full review of the new indie game "Tokyo 42" on GamerKnights. More: "Tokyo 42 gives you two ways to play. You dont actually have to (for the most part) continually murder the otherwise immortal citizens of future Tokyo. You can take a stealthy approach, and its here that the game really shines. The isometric levels work, but you can also quickly and easily rotate the camera with LB and RB to get a view around corners and case out your way through the levels. When you try and go in all guns blazing, things dont go quite as well, however. Movement is quite tight, but jumps are long and floaty. The perspective also makes landing them much harder than they could be, and flying off over staircases into the many abysses of Tokyo is way too easy. The gunplay is also pretty messy."


Akiba's Beat Review - RPGamer

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Adriaan den Ouden says, "Akihabara: the shopping neighbourhood in Tokyo, Japan, that has turned into the Mecca for all nerd kind. Anime, games, music, idols, maids, if there's a fandom for it, you'll find it in Akiba. Akiba's Beat is a celebration of all things Akiba, a place where any RPGamer would feel right at home. With a great cast of characters and a surprisingly engaging story, Akiba's Beat has a lot going for it, but a slew of design flaws hold it back."


Tokyo 42 Review | Gaming on PC

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Tokyo 42 looks amazing and its often fun to play, but a few key issues drag down the experience quite a bit.

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Tom Brady Goes Belly to Fat Belly with Sumo Wrestlers in Tokyo

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Tom Brady is now picking on fat guys ... taking on Sumo wrestlers in Tokyo -- and the good news, he didn't get wrecked! TB12 and his son Jack got a private workout while on tour with Under Armour in Asia this week ... and the 5-time Super Bowl...


ANALYSIS-Scandal clouds outlook for Japan's Abe, Tokyo poll may give clues

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Just a few months ago, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looked to be cruising to a third term that would make him Japan's longest serving leader and put him on track to achieving his dream of revising its post-war, pacifist constitution.


House for 4 Generations / tomomi kito architect & associates

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This is an interior renovation project of an existing two-story timber structure house in Tokyo built approximately 40 years ago. The client is a young couple, and the wife’s parents were living there before the renovation. The client decided to live with their parents in this house. Soon after, the wife’s grandmother who lives alone in the countryside – far from Tokyo – also decided to live together in this house. As such, the client requested to renovate the house suitable for accommodating 4 generations - the grandmother (1st generation), parents (2nd generation), the client (3rd generation), the client's son (4th generation).

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Japan Wants Tourists, Except Those in Mario Costumes Driving Go-Karts

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Tours inspired by Nintendo’s bestselling video games are taking over the streets of Tokyo, creating headaches for locals grappling with the tacky side of a tourism boom; “They really are a nuisance.”

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Navy confirms 7 died in USS Fitzgerald collision off Japan

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In the dark of night the weather was clear, with a swell of about 6 feet.
Near where the sea lanes converge for the run into Tokyo Bay, the USS Fitzgerald was on a routine mission — though in these waters, mariners say, routine means always taking extra caution.
One of the Navy's most advanced...

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USA Softball's trip to Japan could provide preview of Tokyo Olympics

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The United States and Japan will play in the World Cup of Softball this summer in Oklahoma City.


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