Tuesday, 28 March 2017
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Vermont bill to raise smoking age dealt major blow

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MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) - Vermont state senators narrowly voted against a bill that would increase the legal age for using tobacco in Vermont to 21.
The Senate voted 15 to 14 to table the bill last Friday. Lead sponsor of the bill Democratic Sen. Alison Clarkson said the Senate may ...

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South American fossil tomatillos show nightshades evolved earlier than thought

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Delicate fossil remains of tomatillos found in Patagonia, Argentina, show that this branch of the economically important family that also includes potatoes, peppers, tobacco, petunias and tomatoes existed 52 million years ago, long before the dates previously ascribed to these species, according to an international team of scientists.

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Nicotine changes how nicotinic receptors are grouped on brain cells

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Nicotine the primary compound found within tobacco smoke is known to change the grouping of some subtypes of nicotinic receptors, but the mechanisms for nicotine addiction remain unclear.

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4 Top Dividend Stocks in Tobacco

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Philip Morris International, Altria, British American Tobacco, and Imperial Brands all offer big dividends -- but investors should also understand the long-term risks.

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Altria to Beat California to the Punch by Raising Cigarette Prices

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The price increase comes earlier than usual, and sends other tobacco companies rushing to raise prices too.

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Aggression disorder linked to greater risk of substance abuse

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People with intermittent explosive disorder (IED) - a condition marked by frequent physical or verbal outbursts - are at five times greater risk for abusing substances such as alcohol, tobacco and...

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Lesbian and bisexual girls more likely than other teens to smoke

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Lesbian, gay and bisexual adolescents report higher rates of tobacco use than heterosexual teens, according to a U.S. study that also highlights gender differences in smoking habits.

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Most remaining smokers in US have low socioeconomic status

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After decades of declining US smoking rates overall, most remaining smokers have low income, no college education, no health insurance or a disability. About 15 percent of US adults -- more than 36 million -- continue to smoke cigarettes. Half to three-fourths of them have one or more low-socioeconomic disadvantages, and the lowest socioeconomic categories have the highest smoking rates. The study concludes that continuing tobacco use is now concentrated among the least advantaged portion of society.

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COPD linked to increased bacterial invasion

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a common smoking-related lung illness and the third leading cause of death in the United States. Scientists have long believed that inhaling toxic gases and particles from tobacco smoke causes inflammation of the small airways in the lungs, leading to the development of COPD. However, the theory doesn't explain why airway inflammation and disease progression continue even after the patient stops smoking. A new study shows that persistent inflammation in COPD may result from a defect in the immune system that allows airway bacteria to invade deeper into the lung.

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