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Climate change study finds that maple syrup season may come earlier

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Once winter nights dip below freezing and the days warm up above freezing sap begins to flow in sugar maples marking the start of the syrup season. With climate change, daily temperatures are on the rise, which affects sap flow and sugar content. By 2100, the maple syrup season in eastern North America may be one month earlier than it was during 1950 and 2017, according to a new study.

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Physicists discover topological behavior of electrons in 3D magnetic material

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Researchers explored a type of material in which the electrons behave according to the mathematical rules of topology. They found topological behaviors of electrons in a three-dimensional magnetic material at room temperature, opening new avenues of future study.

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UK weather forecast: Brits to bask in days of glorious sunshine as temperatures hit the mid-20s

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Brits are expected bask in glorious sunshine over the coming days as the mercury hits the mid-20s.

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Closing in on 'holy grail' of room temperature quantum computing chips

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To process information, photons must interact. However, these tiny packets of light want nothing to do with each other, each passing by without altering the other. Now, researchers have coaxed photons into interacting with one another with unprecedented efficiency -- a key advance toward realizing long-awaited quantum optics technologies for computing, communication and remote sensing.

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UK weather forecast: London temperatures to soar to 25C as remnants of tropical storm Gabrielle hit country

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The mercury is expected to soar to 25C in parts of the UK this week as the remnants of ex-tropical storm Gabrielle hit the country.

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Dust from a giant asteroid crash caused an ancient ice age

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About 466 million years ago, long before the age of the dinosaurs, the Earth froze. The seas began to ice over at the Earth's poles, and new species evolved with the new temperatures. The cause of this ice age was a mystery, until now: a new study argues that the ice age was caused by global cooling, triggered by extra dust in the atmosphere from a giant asteroid collision in outer space.

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Rethinking scenario logic for climate policy

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Current scenarios used to inform climate policy have a weakness in that they typically focus on reaching specific climate goals in 2100 - an approach which may encourage risky pathways that could have long-term negative effects. A new study presents a novel scenario framework that focuses on capping global warming at a maximum level with either temperature stabilization or reversal thereafter.

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UK weather forecast: Brits set to to bask in 27C sunshine before wind and rain moves in

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Britain is set to bask in 27C sunshine in the coming days as temperatures soar.

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On the ground in Greenland and face to face with the reality of climate change

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For many scientists, Greenland is a place where global warming’s impact is most apparent — and where the effects of rising temperatures, warming oceans and melting ice could have the most dire consequences. For the people who make their home on this massive, ice-covered island, the realities of climate change are complex, bringing both unexpected benefits and acute challenges.

Climate in Crisis: Lester Holt’s journey to Alaska

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Lester Holt travels to Alaska – where he spent part of his childhood -- to get a personal perspective of a climate in crisis. Scientists are warning that rising temperatures are having a significant impact on the state – including melting glaciers – which contributes to rising sea levels and warming oceans.

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