Tuesday, 23 October 2018
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Availability of nitrogen to plants is declining as climate warms

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Researchers have found that global changes, including warming temperatures and increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, are causing a decrease in the availability of a key nutrient for terrestrial plants. This could affect the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the amount of nutrients available for the creatures that eat them.

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Fish give up the fight after coral bleaching

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Researchers found that when water temperatures heat up for corals, fish 'tempers' cool down, providing the first clear evidence of coral bleaching serving as a trigger for rapid change in reef fish behavior. Researchers show how the iconic butterflyfish, considered to be sensitive indicators of reef health, can offer an early warning sign that reef fish populations are in trouble.

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Rising temperatures and human activity are increasing storm runoff and flash floods

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Researchers have demonstrated for the first time that runoff extremes have been dramatically increasing in response to climate and human-induced changes. Their findings show a large increase in both precipitation and runoff extremes driven by both human activity and climate change. They also found that storm runoff has a stronger response than precipitation to human-induced changes (climate change, land-use land-cover changes, etc).

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OMG! Maluma Looks Unrecognizable With His New Blonde Hair

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MalumaMaluma has debuted a new hairstyle! The 24-year-old "La Temperatura" singer showed off his new blonde hair on Instagram over the weekend. "R E N A C E R / R E B O R N,"...

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Molecular memory can be used to increase the memory capacity of hard disks

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Scientists have taken part in research where the first molecule capable of remembering the direction of a magnetic above liquid nitrogen temperatures has been prepared and characterized. The results may be used in the future to massively increase the storage capacity of hard disks without increasing their physical size.

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Tall invaders

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The profile of Arctic shrubs and grasses is changing as temperatures rise in the far north.

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Nanoscale pillars as a building block for future information technology

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Researchers propose a new device concept that can efficiently transfer the information carried by electron spin to light at room temperature -- a stepping stone towards future information technology.

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UK weather: Forecasters warn of sub-zero temperatures and snow as Arctic air set to blast UK next week

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An "Arctic blast" is set to hit Britain this week as the Met Office warns of "bitterly cold" mornings and snow in some areas.

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| 'We never used to have fires like this': the human cost of California's wildfires

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Photographer documents the residents of Shasta county as they return to their fire-ravaged homes. Interviews by Federica Armstrong
Global warming didn’t start the fire but I’m sure it made it worse. Higher temperatures, less water to fight it
We’ve always fought fires here and were able to contain them. But we don’t have the August gullywasher [rain] any more

Pushing the (extra cold) frontiers of superconducting science

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Scientists have developed a method to measure magnetic properties of superconducting and magnetic materials that exhibit unusual quantum behavior at very low temperatures in high magnetic fields.

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