Tuesday, 21 November 2017
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Noises detected in search for missing Argentine submarine

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November 21, 2017 8:31 AM
MAR DEL PLATA, ARGENTINA (AFP) - Search vessels in the South Atlantic have picked up noises on their sonar that could be coming from the crew of an Argentine submarine missing for five days, the country's navy said on Monday.

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Argentine navy detects noises that may be from missing sub

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Argentina's navy on Monday picked up noises that could be a distress signal from the crew of a missing submarine and said the sub's captain reported a "failure" in the vessel's battery system before it disappeared.

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Argentina's Missing Submarine Enters 'Critical Phase' in Race Against The Clock

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The Argentinian navy said that the search for the missing submarine with 44 crew members aboard was entering a "critical phase" as the vessel is approaching a probable limit of its oxygen reserves on Monday afternoon, according to The Guardian. Five days after the last radio contact with the ARA San Juan and the weather conditions have remained too rough for the vessel to remain above the surface while the hope for rescuing the crew appears to be dwindling in the South Atlantic. Naval spokesman Enrique Balbi said that while the vessel has enough food and fuel to survive 90 days on the surface, it only has enough oxygen to survive for seven days underwater and believes that the submarine...

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Light green plants save nitrogen without sacrificing photosynthetic efficiency

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Scientists designed plants with light green leaves with hopes of allowing more light to penetrate the crop canopy and increase overall light use efficiency and yield. This strategy was tested in a recent modeling study that found leaves with reduced chlorophyll content do not actually improve canopy-level photosynthesis, but instead, conserve a significant amount of nitrogen that the plant could reinvest to improve light use efficiency and increase yield.

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Omega-6 fatty acids do not promote low-grade inflammation

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The higher the serum linoleic acid level, the lower the CRP, according to a new study. Linoleic acid is the most common polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid.

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Satellite signals give hope to search for missing Argentine submarine

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A search and rescue operation for an Argentine navy submarine missing in the South Atlantic with 44 crew members aboard reached its third day on Sunday, after failed satellite calls likely from the vessel raised hopes the crew are alive.

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Argentina says it may have received signals from missing sub carrying 44 crew members

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Argentina's Navy detected seven brief satellite calls Saturday that officials believe may have come from a submarine with 44 crew members that hadn't been heard from in three days.
The communication attempts "indicate that the crew is trying to re-establish contact, so we are working to locate...

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The Crow Remake Begins Shooting in Early 2018

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The Crow creator James O'Barr confirms the long-awaited reboot is happening with director Corin Hardy early next year.

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The Cream of the Crap Need For Drink (PC)

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WTMG's Jordan Hawes writes: "Need for Drink is a boring, shallow game that tries to have a funny theme that maybe a couple of friends could have fun with, but really fails by not offering anything special or different. The only thing this game did successfully was make me seriously question how it has 531 positive reviews on Steam. Those people must be ebriated than the husband in the game."

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