Saturday, 17 February 2018
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A host called Ted Cruz ‘afraid’ to talk guns on CNN. Then the senator showed that he had.

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Called out by CNN's Chris Cuomo, the senator from Texas tweeted a photo of himself in front of a mic and asked when it would air.

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New light shed on how plants get their nitrogen fix

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Legumes are widely-consumed plants that use soil bacteria to obtain nitrogen through root nodulation. The process is energetically costly, and so legumes inhibit nodulation when soil nitrate is available. However, the mechanism that drives this inhibition is unknown. Researchers found that NRSYM1 is responsible for inhibiting nodulation in the presence of nitrate, and acts by directly regulating gene expression. The findings may aid agricultural efforts to improve the crop efficiency of legumes.


FBI received a tip about accused school shooter but didn't follow up

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Person close to Cruz contacted the FBI's Public Access Line reporting Cruz's gun ownership, desire to kills others, erratic behavior

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Sen. Ted Cruz Says Celebrities are Hypocrites on Gun Control

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Sen. Ted Cruz doesn't want to hear a peep from Hollywood about gun control -- in the wake of the Florida high school shooting -- 'cause he says they're operating under a double standard. We got Cruz Thursday in D.C. and he says celebs weighing...


The CRM Watchlist 2019: Welcome to the show

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Changes in the CRM world have led to major changes in the CRM Watchlist and the new Emergence Maturity Index Awards. See how the customer-facing technology market correlates to these changes, and how you can register and submit to these.


Dandara Review | XboxGamerReviews

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Since their creation, 2D platformers have all followed a similar formula. Players typically execute a series of diagonal jumps from one platform to the next, often in varying widths or moving in certain patterns in order to traverse the landscape and reach an end goal. Dandara, developed by Long Hat House and published by Raw Fury, dares to turn that formula upside down, however. The game begins with the world of Salt, a directionless universe where free-spirited civilians have become oppressed. With Salt on the edge of collapse, the heroine Dandara is born within the Crib of Creation and it is here that the story begins.


My Year on "Mars"

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Physicist Christiane Heinicke spent 365 days sequestered with five others in a geodesic dome on the side of a Hawaiian volcano to test what isolation might do to the psyches of the crew on a Mars...


5 exclusive Valentine's Day candies hit Target shelves this week

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You better believe we're excited to meet the latest batch of Hershey's, Reese's, Skittles, and the crew.


Royal Caribbean cruise arrives in San Diego after 24 people sickened with gastrointestinal virus

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22 passengers and two crew members showed signs of possible norovirus.


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