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A Successful Cybersecurity Company Isn't About Fancy Technology

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When starting to offer security, many companies immerse themselves in the technology. This is a common mistake.


Jean-Marc Ollagnier says “there are opportunities that we have to shape, understand and capture”

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“The companies that will master digital technology and the companies that will put sustainability at the heart of that strategy will probably be the winners in this future world,” says Jean-Marc Ollagnier, the Europe CEO of global consultancy firm Accenture.

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Tim Wu, a leading critic of Big Tech, joins the Biden administration

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Wu will serve as a special assistant for technology and competition policy at the National Economic Council.

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Photonic laser thruster could power spacecraft from Earth

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The Photonic Laser Thruster can move a 750-gram object along a low-friction rail – a small step to using the technology to push satellites rapidly between planets

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How wearable tech helped elite athletes through the pandemic

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From the English Premier League to the NFL, sport is a multibillion-dollar industry, and top teams are increasingly turning to technology to give them the edge.


Insect-like flying drones and other technology news

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Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

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Data experts are becoming football's best signings

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A growing number of clubs big and small are using more technology to help performances on the pitch.

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Cable, fiber, DSL and more: The different types of internet services and how they work

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Trying to choose the right internet plan for your home? You'll want to be sure to understand the technology at play.

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Bluetooth headphones could become as easy to pair as AirPods, without needing any Apple devices

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Qualcomm's Snapdragon Sound technology also is designed to improve sound quality and battery life for earbuds paired with Android phones and PCs.

Advance in 'optical tweezers' to boost biomedical research

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A significant advance in 'optical tweezer' technology will help boost biomedical research.

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