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How Trump's Web Of Influence Extends From Indonesia To Silicon Valley

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Donald Trump's influence stretches around the globe -- from business partners in Indonesia to the heart of the technology world, Silicon Valley. On this debut episode of our new FORBES podcast, Forbes On Trump, we sit down with FORBES editors to dig into this history and web of influence.


Advertising control

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The technology behemoth Google may be in the spotlight with concerns over adverts ending up on extremist websites, but the wider UK advertising industry itself is facing numerous other challenges.


Why I'm addicted to Mass Effect: Andromeda's gorgeous, secret Nvidia super-screenshots

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I’ve spent hours playing Mass Effect: Andromeda without getting very far, and it’s all Nvidia’s fault.
No, that isn’t a comment on the game’s PC performance or the state of Nvidia’s for Andromeda, both of which have held up great on my rig during the early hours of the game. It’s a testament to my adoration of —a feature that Mass Effect, like all Ansel games, never actually tells you is available.
Ansel’s basically a supercharged screenshot tool that developers can implement in PC games (quickly and easily, Nvidia claims). If both your and are compatible with Nvidia’s technology, pressing Alt + F2 freezes the game and launches the Ansel interface. Ansel offers a free camera mode that allows you to compose shots from various angles, apply post-processing filters and other editing tools, save screenshots at insanely high resolutions or as VR-ready 360-degree photos, and more.


Honda's Dogged Hydrogen Push Yields A Remarkable New Clarity Fuel Cell Sedan

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California’s skinny network of hydrogen fuel stations Clarity and its competitors need is growing, but diminishing federal support for green technology poses challenges


Look before you leap: 4 hard truths about IoT

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Most technologies go through a stage when everything seems possible. Personal computers in the early 1980s, the internet in the late 1990s and mobile apps around the beginning of this decade were like that.
But so was the first unboxing of a Galaxy Note 7. In time, either suddenly or gradually, reality sets in.
The internet of things still looks promising, with vendors and analysts forecasting billions of connected devices that will solve all sorts of problems in homes and enterprises. But the seams are starting to show on this one, too. As promising as the technology is, it has some shortcomings. Here are a few.
IoT systems are only as good as the data they capture, and some of it is .


Is There a Resting Frame in Universe?

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Physics is sometimes closer to philosophy when it comes to understanding the Universe. Dr. Donald Chang, a physicist at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, attempts to elucidate whether the Universe has a resting frame. According to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, there should be no resting frame in our Universe. Such an [...]


Officials: Tech company seeks $3.3M in state tax credits

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - Rhode Island officials say a Pennsylvania-based financial technology company is seeking up to $3.3 million in tax credits and other financial incentives from the state as it plans to establish a software development office in Providence.
The Providence Journal reports ( ) state Commerce Secretary Stefan ...


How Artificial Intelligence Helped to Create a Gaudí-Inspired Thinking Sculpture

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and -based design studio have teamed up to create the first thinking sculpture, inspired by and developed with  cognitive technology for the in , .


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