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New York considers Weed for Rails marijuana tax to fix ailing subway

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New York is considering using taxes from legalised marijuana to pay for multi-billion-dollar upgrades to its ailing public transport network.

What Are the 2019 Tax Brackets?

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Here’s a look at the tax brackets for 2019 and what they could mean to you.

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Macron's SHAME: French President says ‘sorry’ as he cuts taxes again after more violence

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EMMANUEL MACRON will deliver an "I'm sorry" TV address tonight and announce further tax cuts, following the mass rioting which has raged through France. Cities including Paris and Bordeaux exploded into violence on Saturday, the fourth weekend of demonstrations against fuel price rises by Yellow Vest protesters.


Taxi driver returns $10,000 after tourist accidentally forgets it in car

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A good trip can turn into a disaster with one simple stroke of bad luck.

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Kansas faces new fight over taxes after years of turmoil

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Kansas' new Democratic governor promised not to raise taxes to meet her goals of boosting spending on public schools and social services.


Long-Term Capital Gains Tax Rates in 2019

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If you sell investments at a profit and you've held them for over a year, here's what you need to know about taxes.

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1 Smart Tax Move to Make in December 2018

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It'll take some cooperation, but it could prove extremely valuable in the long run.

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An audacious new plan will make all science free. Can it work?

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We fund scientific research through our taxes but often have to pay a hefty fee to read its findings. An uprising aims to bring the knowledge paywall crashing down

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A meat tax may save thousands of lives and millions of dollars

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A study suggests that a special tax could reduce meat consumption and prevent 220,000 deaths a year worldwide

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Cannabis Companies Generously Support Their Communities But Don't Get to Deduct It From Their Taxes

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The same federal rules that make it hard to use a bank like every other legitimate business also forbid taking any of the normal tax deductions.

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