Thursday, 16 August 2018
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SMURF1 provides targeted approach to preventing cocaine addiction relapse

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A class of proteins that has generated significant interest for its potential to treat diseases, has for the first time, been shown to be effective in reducing relapse, or drug-seeking behaviors, in a preclinical study.

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Iron Danger Shows Off Combat, Sets 2019 Target - Screens And Trailer

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Iron Danger is a genre-blending tactical RPG with simultaneous turns and time rewinding mechanics, providing an uniquely experimental take on combat and puzzles.

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Silicon-based, tandem photovoltaic modules can compete in solar market

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The dominant existing solar technology -- silicon -- is more than 90 percent of the way to its theoretical efficiency limit. More efficient technologies will be more expensive. New research identifies the efficiency vs. cost target.


Furniture Clearance Sale at Target - $0.00

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Target offers Furniture Clearance Sale. ...

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IT Science Case Study: Real-time Customer Support Using Real-time CollaborationIT Science Case Study: Real-time Customer Support Using Real-time Collaboration

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Parlevel Systems discovered Slack, where it could create shared channels, hold private conversations if needed, field questions from multiple customers simultaneously, and meet internal target response times.

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Home Depot Raises Its Outlook After Sales Spring Back

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The retailer beat management's optimistic targets for the second quarter.

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Stage 4 melanoma: What you need to know

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Melanoma is a type of cancer that affects the skin cells. If it has progressed to stage 4, this means it has spread beyond the skin to other organs, such as the liver, brain, or lungs. In this article, learn about survival rates, traditional treatments, and new treatment methods, such as targeted therapy drugs.

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Specialized delivery methods to help treat cancer, other disorders

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More than 100 years ago, German Nobel laureate Paul Ehrlich popularized the 'magic bullet' concept -- a method that clinicians might one day use to target invading microbes without harming other parts of the body. Although chemotherapies have been highly useful as targeted treatments for cancer, unwanted side effects still plague patients. Now, researchers have demonstrated that specialized nucleic acid-based nanostructures could be used to target cancer cells while bypassing normal cells.

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'Undruggable' cancers slowed by targeting growth signals

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As many as 50 percent of human cancer cases -- across a wide variety of tissues -- involve defects in a common cellular growth signaling pathway. These defects have so far defied most attempts to develop targeted therapies. Now researchers have identified a new strategy for potentially treating intractable cancers by decoupling the entire RAS/MAP Kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway from external growth signals.

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