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Dell’s Inspiron 27 7000 is the first Ryzen All-in-One PC, and it's upgradable too

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Dell’s Inspiron 27 7000 may be just the thing to convince some PC enthusiasts to give up their traditional desktop systems. Announced Tuesday at Computex in Taipei, this All-in-One PC sheds the form factor’s watered-down, locked-down reputation with powerful all-AMD hardware—including Ryzen CPUs, a first for AiOs. Surprisingly, it’s ready to be upgraded in the future, too.
It’s been years since we’ve seen an-all AMD system from OEM vendors. Ryzen’s buzz in the DIY space and Polaris’s rock-steady performance have made it a reality once again. 
Inspiron 27 7000 prices start at $1,000 for a 4-core Ryzen 5 1400 processor and a 4GB Radeon RX 560 GPU. The graphics are basic, but you could expect to play most AAA games at 30 fps on High or at 60 fps on Medium with this set of hardware. 

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Intel's massive 18-core Core i9 chip starts a bloody battle for enthusiast PCs

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With Core i9, the Intel vs. AMD battle rages anew. Announced Tuesday at Computex in Taipei, Intel’s answer to  is an 18-core, 36-thread monster microprocessor of its own, tailor-made for elite PC enthusiasts.
The Core i9 Extreme Edition i9-7980XE, what Intel calls the first teraflop desktop PC processor ever, will be priced at (gulp!) $1,999 when it ships later this year. In a slightly lower tier will be the meat of the Core i9 family: Core i9 X-series chips in 16-core, 14-core, 12-core, and 10-core versions, with prices climbing from $999 to $1,699. All of these new Skylake-based parts will offer improvements over their older Broadwell-E counterparts: 15 percent faster in single-threaded apps and 10 percent faster in multithreaded tasks, Intel says. 

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In Win's Winbot is a robotic interactive PC case

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In Win’s Winbot, the company's latest PC case mod, is a futuristic orb that’s robotically controlled by its owner’s movements. In Win says Winbot is inspired by a spaceship, but it looks more like an oversized prize that you'd fish out of an arcade game with a mechanical crane.
And what a prize it would be! Shown at Computex in Taipei on Tuesday, the clear-plastic Winbot encloses an In Win liquid-cooled PC case. Inside, an Asus ROG Strix Z270E gaming motherboard rocks an Intel Core i7 7700K CPU, an Nvidia GeForce GTX Strix 1070 graphics card, a 240GB SSD, and an In Win 1,250-watt power supply.
Fitted to the front of the Winbot case is a stereo camera that scans the area in front of it and recognizes individual users. As it moves from left to right, blue lights in the case switch to green once it’s recognized someone.

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The Asus ZenBook Flip S is the world's thinnest laptop

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The Asus ZenBook Flip S is the thinnest convertible laptop in the world--at least for now. Announced Monday at Computex in Taipei, the ZenBook Flip S is the latest to snatch the trophy as vendors wage an to shave down their portable PCs. The 10.9-millimeter profile of the ZenBook Flip S currently takes the record. The laptop will be available later this year at prices starting at $1,099. Read more about it below, and also two other slender notebooks Asus announced at its Monday event at Computex in Taipei.

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Asus unveils the super slim ZenBook Flip S convertible

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Asus has a trio of new computers in its ZenBook range that boast lightweight and powerful features, led by the ZenBook Flip S.
The machine measures just 10.9 millimeters thick, making it the world’s thinnest convertible laptop, according to Asus. It weighs 2.4 lbs, but don’t let the size and weight fool you. The ZenBook Flip S UX370 packs the heavyweight punch of Intel’s Corei7-7500U processor and can accommodate up to a terabyte of PCIe SSD storage.
If you’re keeping score—and Asus surely is—it’s about 20 percent thinner than a MacBook and also thinner than the HP Spectre X360. It’s also lighter than both those machines, said Asus Chairman Jonney Shih at a launch event in Taipei on Monday.

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Asus finds its Zen with the world's thinnest convertible laptop video

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Asus has shown off a raft of new laptops at Computex in Taipei, including a convertible laptop that the company says is thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air.

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Nerd alert! Inside Taipei's PC and gadget shopping paradise

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Welcome to Guanghua 3C Shopping Mall
Guanghua 3C Shopping mall entrance

Image by Martyn Williams/IDG

Guanghua 3C mall is worth a visit for any techie on a trip to Taipei. It’s located in the center of the city, and can be accessed on the MRT (from Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station — 捷運忠孝新生站) or by taxi. It’s a good idea to have the mall’s Chinese name (光華商場) written down in case you need help finding it. And if you’re feeling adventuresome, hit the mall’s  to do a product search before you visit.

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Computex 2017 is set to push the PC envelope

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Who said anything about a PC slump? The giants of the computing industry are in Taipei this week, hoping to bring the enthusiast scene to the mainstream.

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FSP's wild new power supply is liquid-cooled and built for silence

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Computex kicks off in Taipei next week, and it’s there that we’ll see the first liquid-cooled power supply for PCs in a long time: FSP’s wild Hydro PTM+.
This power supply sounds like an impressive little unit. Not only is the Hydro PTM+ compatible with custom liquid-cooling setups, but if you’re under 50 percent load, the fan will stay idle until the PC asks for more than 600 watts of power. That’s a recipe for quiet computing during everyday tasks. 
The Hydro PTM+ is 80 Plus Platinum certified and rated to pump out 1200W on its own. Drop in a liquid cooling system, however, and the power capacity jumps to 1400W—presumably thanks to how cool it stays. Yes, that’s more power than most users would need, but we’re way past practicality here, folks, and into the world of . (Don’t expect the fans to stay idle when you’re gaming on four graphics cards, though.)

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Aussie pair win race up Taiwan skyscraper

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Two Australians have won this year's race up Taiwan's tallest skyscraper, climbing 2046 steps in the annual Taipei 101 Run Up.

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