Tuesday, 15 June 2021
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Mourners honor five-year anniversary of Pulse nightclub shooting

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People gathered at the site of the former nightclub on Saturday to honor both victims and survivors of the mass shooting that took 49 lives.

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'Keep dancing Orlando': Five years later, Pulse nightclub shooting survivors seek to embody strength of LGBTQ community

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The early-morning attack at a gay nightclub in Florida on June 12, 2016, left the LGBTQ community grieving and on edge during Pride celebrations.

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Tulsa Massacre: 'Our country may forget this history, but I cannot'

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Viola Fletcher, a survivor of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, calls for justice 100 years on.

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Covid survivor, 84, raises £50,000 for NHS by climbing Cornwall’s highest peak

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An 84-year-old explorer who was given less than a 5 per cent chance of survival after testing positive for has raised nearly £50,000 for the .

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Canada 'Sixties Scoop': Indigenous survivors map out their stories

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Canada's "Sixties Scoop" saw thousands of indigenous children forcibly removed from their families.

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Canadians demand action from officials as country mourns discovery of a mass grave of children's remains

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Indigenous leaders and residential school survivors in Canada are calling on officials to do a thorough investigation of every former residential school in the country after the remains of more than 200 children were found on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School.

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Holocaust survivor speaks out against rising hate crimes, says BLM anti-Semitic

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Holocaust survivor Sami Steigmann spoke out against anti-Semitic attacks in an exclusive interview with Fox News.

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Among COVID-19 survivors, an increased risk of death, serious illness

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Researchers showed that COVID-19 survivors -- including those not sick enough to be hospitalized -- have an increased risk of death in the six months following diagnosis with the virus. They also have catalogued the numerous diseases associated with COVID-19, providing a big-picture overview of the long-term complications of COVID-19 and revealing the massive burden this disease is likely to place on the world's population in the coming years.

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Investigate crimes in Tigray now, or risk a fragmented Ethiopia

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After nearly four months of violent conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the government has admitted that widespread crimes have been committed, including massacres and sexual violence, as well as widespread looting and the destruction of refugee camps. Despite credible reports that members of the Ethiopian armed forces have perpetrated some of this violence, the government has rejected calls for external involvement in investigations, arguing that it is capable of conducting impartial investigations and holding perpetrators to account. Whether such an accountability process will be satisfactory to victims and survivors of the conflict, however, remains to be seen. Ethiopia’s President...

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Parkland survivors bash Betsy DeVos for ignoring gun violence: “She doesn’t represent the students”

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Students claim the education secretary secretly “lurked” around campus during her highly publicized photo-op visit

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