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Supreme Court Ruling Trumps Gorsuch On Education For Autistic Children

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The Supreme Court Gorsuch hopes to join has just issued a unanimous decision slapping back his 2008 conclusions about the standard of education an autistic student deserves.


Exxon Mobil Might Have Lost a Year's Worth of Tillerson Emails

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Exxon Mobil might have lost up to a year of emails written by former CEO Rex Tillerson, according to testimony before the Manhattan Supreme Court, the New York Post reports.


Neil Gorsuch makes the media yawn. That's probably good for his odds of joining the Supreme Court.

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President Trump's nominee has not made any mistakes that would attract attention during a busy news week.

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Chuck Schumer just declared a risky war on Donald Trump

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Filibustering President Trump's Supreme Court nominee is a fight Democrats probably won't win.

Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch to be blocked by Democrats

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President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch faces a bruising filibuster in the Senate.


Gorsuch calls same-sex marriage decision ‘settled law’

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Judge Neil Gorsuch referred to the Supreme Court’s recent same-sex marriage decision as “settled law,” using a stronger phrase than he has for other legal precedents. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., asked Gorsuch to explain how his views on marriage equality have changed since 2004, when the George W. Bush administration was pushing for ballot initiatives that banned the practice in states. Gorsuch replied that sharing his “personal views” would send a misleading signal to the American people that he might be inclined to rule one way or another on future cases that come up on the subject.

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Gorsuch hearing puts spotlight on medical aid in dying

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As Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch faces a Senate confirmation vote, a 2006 book he authored arguing against assisted suicide and euthanasia is receiving renewed attention, and so is the related, although distinct, practice of medical aid in dying. The husband of the late Brittany Maynard, who ended her own life with medication in 2014 after being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, says Gorsuch would alter his views if he saw the reality of the practice. “The experience that I went through … if Neil Gorsuch or anyone in his position had seen firsthand what medical aid in dying is, he would probably have a much different opinion,” Dan Diaz said in an interview with Yahoo News Global Anchor Katie Couric.

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High court ruling leads to tough questions for Trump nominee

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Supreme Court strikes down standard for special education programs endorsed by Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch


Top Senate Dem opposes Supreme Court pick, vows filibuster

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Confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch continue.


Franken calls Gorsuch dissent in trucker case ‘absurd’

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Minnesota Sen. Al Franken recalled his comedic past in a contentious exchange with Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch Tuesday during the judge’s confirmation hearing. Franken was questioning Gorsuch on the case of Alphonse Maddin, a trucker who was fired after his trailer broke down in subzero temperatures. Gorsuch concluded in a dissent that it wasn’t illegal for the company to fire Maddin for seeking safety, writing that “it might be fair to ask whether TransAm’s decision was a wise or kind one, but it’s not our job to answer questions like that.

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