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Super Gamecast 64 - EP94: Girls Sleeping Party (9/22/17)

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On this episode of Super Gamecast 64, the crew chats about recent news, new games, and supply a healthy dose of laughs. Talking points: Destiny 2, holiday remasters, Fortnite crossplay, Nintendo Direct, Dreamcast's 18th birthday, Super Mario 64 online, Maize, and more.


Super Mario Odyssey Feels Like It's Taking Cues from Zelda: Breath of the Wild - IGN

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IGN: "We've played a few more hours of Mario's travels, and it feels like more of a fantasy sandbox than ever."


Yep, Super Mario Odyssey still seems amazing: hands-on and video of new worlds

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Its pretty hard to pass up more opportunities to play Super Mario Odyssey even though its release is now very close indeed. When Nintendo dropped us a line to ask if we fancied seeing a little more of Super Mario Odyssey, we had to say yes.


Caveman Warriors Review - Games Asylum

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Games Asylum: "This Kickstarter-funded platformer makes its inspirations incredibly clear, name-dropping such games as New Super Mario Bros, Metal Slug, Joe & Mac, and Trine within its product description."


Super Mario Odyssey Preview | Gamereactor

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GR has been on an exciting adventure with Nintendo's leading man and his new friend, Cappy.


Super Mario Odyssey Is The Game I've Wanted Since Super Mario 64 | Press Start

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Press Start: "Super Mario 64 is one of the first games that I can remember playing (properly). Sure, I played Super Mario 1, 2, and 3 and a bunch of other games before that, but Super Mario 64 is the first game that I remember being truly captivated by. I would constantly go back and try to find the laststar or find a hidden area that Id never seen before. It was a time before online guides and relied on your sense of discovery in order to find hidden areas and new stars. Ever since, Ive been longing for a game like Super Mario 64. One where every level (or Kingdom) feels like a brand new adventure where you literally dont know whats around the corner. Sure, Mario Sunshine as well as Galaxy 1/2 were great games, but they didnt provide me with that sense of wonder and mystery like Super Mario 64 did."


Brand new Super Mario Odyssey gameplay footage from our hands-on preview

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Leo Stevenson - "PowerUp! was fortunate enough to spend some hands-on time with Super Mario Odyssey recently. Three worlds Cap Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom  were playable. This is some of what we played."


Super Mario Odyssey Hands-On Preview - Rocket Chainsaw

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We're just over a month away from Super Mario Odyssey's release for Nintendo Switch and Andrew from Rocket Chainsaw got to go hands on with three of the game's Kingdoms.


Super Mario Odyssey - Mario's steamy, shirtless beach-side photo-shoot caught on camera

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PowerUp! - "Ever since he appeared shirtless in a Super Mario Odyssey trailer during a Nintendo Direct, everyone has been extra thirsty for shots of Mario, sans-top. Luckily, PowerUp! has a brand new paparazzi division and it has managed to catch Mario out, shirtless and on the beach."


Super Mario Odyssey and The Enduring Legacy of Super Mario 64 - AusGamers

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AusGamers "Super Mario 64 was not only a system seller, it represented that first huge step into the world of true 3D gaming. Polygons, textures, draw distances. The hypothetical z-axis and an abundance of what we would come to know as fog. Most of the 3D worlds found in the 90s were riddled with the stuff. To those who took the plunge, whilst giving a middle-finger to the slow as hell technology they called the CD-ROM, the cartridge-based Nintendo 64 was home to many classic, gimmick free, pure gaming experiences. No boring movies to sit through, or rump shaking CD music to shake our rumps to. Just straight-up next level 3D gameplay. Granted, there were a lot of 64-bit duds too. For me, the Nintendo 64 was a big deal. Im talking high-school graffiti big deal. Counting down to a potential release-date big deal. The US one, only to restart the process once the Australian launch was delayed to the following year. Lay-by. Money earned from that first job in retail. Payments mad...

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