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Study prompts new ideas on cancers’ origins

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Cancer therapies often target cells that grow and divide rapidly, such as stem cells, but in studying how stomach cancers occur, researchers found that even when the stomach isn't able to make stem cells, other cells in the stomach can begin to divide and contribute to precancerous lesions.

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New insights could lead to lasting improvement of stem cell therapy in horses

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Stem cells have been used therapeutically in horses for many years as a treatment option for tendon and joint injuries. These cells are commonly obtained surgically from bone marrow or fat tissue. Researchers have now for the first time managed to harvest stem cells from the mucous membrane of the equine uterus. By taking stem cells from the uterus without the need for surgical intervention, the procedure provides an alternative with reduced pain and stress for the animals.


Chronic back pain stem cell treatment could cut need for opioids

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A stem cell treatment could bring relief to millions of people with chronic lower back pain. If it works, it may help curb the opioid painkiller epidemic

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Inflammation trains the skin to heal faster

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Stem cells in the skin remember an injury, helping them close recurring wounds faster, researchers have found. The discovery could advance research and treatment of psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases.

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BigH1: The key histone for male fertility

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Researchers have unraveled the role of the histone BigH1 in the development of male sex cells from stem cells. Their study, which was performed in Drosophila melanogaster, paves the way to a greater understanding of male infertility. Published in Cell Reports, the work sheds light on the mechanisms through which histones regulate how stem cells give rise to differentiated cells.


What keeps stem cells in their undifferentiated state?

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A special cluster of proteins helps unwind DNA during cell division and plays a key role in keeping stem cells in their immature state, scientists have discovered. This study also points to a better understanding of how cancer cells manage to sustain rapid cell division without triggering cell death.

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Stem cells in intestinal lining may shed light on behavior of cancer cells

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The lining of the intestines -- the epithelium -- does more than absorb nutrients from your lunch. It grows, shrinks, and adjusts the very makeup of its cells in response to whatever you just ate. And understanding that process might just give scientists new insights into the behavior of cancer cells.

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A metallopeptide targets and disrupts mitochondrial function in breast cancer stem cells

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Killing malignant mitochondria is one of the most promising approaches in the development of new anticancer drugs. Scientists have now synthesized a copper-containing peptide that is readily taken up by mitochondria in breast cancer stem cells, where it effectively induces apoptosis. The study also highlights the powerful therapeutic potential of the metallopeptides.


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