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Relaxing of regulations for regenerative medicines has cascading effect internationally

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Countries that relax regulations for regenerative medicines, like stem cell 'treatments', could be causing a downward spiral in international standards.

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Stem cell research sheds new light on the skin

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For the first time, researchers have studied and outlined the development of sebaceous glands in the skin. The study provides greater insight into the development and maintenance of the skin and how cancer mutations affect the behavior of stem cells.

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Tweaked CRISPR in neurons gives scientists new power to probe brain diseases

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Researchers describe a technique that uses a special version of CRISPR to systematically alter the activity of genes in human neurons generated from stem cells, the first successful merger of stem cell-derived cell types and CRISPR screening technologies.

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Scientists reverse aging process in rat brain stem cells

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Scientists say the results have far reaching implications for how we understand the aging process, and how we might develop much-needed treatments for age-related brain diseases.

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Pigment-producing stem cells can regenerate vital part of nervous system

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Neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS) affect millions of people worldwide and occur when parts of the nervous system lose function over time. Researchers have discovered that a type of skin-related stem cell could be used to help regenerate myelin sheaths, a vital part of the nervous system linked to neurodegenerative disorders.

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Embryo stem cells created from skin cells

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Researchers have found a way to transform skin cells into the three major stem cell types that comprise early-stage embryos. The work (in mouse cells) has significant implications for modeling embryonic disease and placental dysfunctions, as well as paving the way to create whole embryos from skin cells.

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Bacteria made to mimic cells, form communities

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Scientists have found a way to make single-celled bacteria behave like stem cells, differentiating into genetically unique individuals as they divide.

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Shingles vaccine safely prevents outbreaks among stem cell transplant patients

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A newer form of shingles vaccine reduced outbreaks of the painful rash among patients who were transplanted with their own stem cells, according to a new study. The vaccine appears to offer protection from one of the most common and painful side effects of cell therapy and shows promise for patients with immune-compromising conditions.

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Novel dual stem cell therapy improving cardiac regeneration

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Researchers have recently developed a multipronged approach for concurrently rejuvenating both the muscle cells and vascular systems of the heart by utilizing two types of stem cells. The findings give hope to develop a new treatment for repairing hearts damaged by myocardial infarction, as an alternative to heart transplant.

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Adding MS drug to targeted cancer therapy may improve glioblastoma outcomes

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The multiple sclerosis drug teriflunomide, paired with targeted cancer therapy, markedly shrinks patient-derived glioblastomas grown in mice by reaching stem cells at the tumor's root, according to a new study.

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