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Spider glue research resolves sticky problem

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Ever wonder why paint peels off the wall during summer's high humidity? Interfacial water, as it's known, forms a slippery and non-adhesive layer between the glue and the surface to which it is meant to stick, interfering with the formation of adhesive bonds between the two. The ability of the spider glue to overcome this problem is the key finding of new research.

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Rogues Gallery: The Villains of Marvel's Spider-Man

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Looks like Spidey will have his hands full in his upcoming trek to the PS4. Since our Spider-Sense is tingling, let's do a brief rundown of all the villains teased in Marvel's latest game so far. Recognize any of these bad dudes?

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A new kind of vaccine based on spider silk

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In order to strengthen the efficacy of vaccines on the immune system -- and in particular on T lymphocytes, specialized in the detection of cancer cells -- researchers have developed spider silk microcapsules capable of delivering the vaccine directly to the heart of immune cells.


The Next Celeste: Little Bug Preview - PC Gaming Enthusiast

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"I was given the opportunity to play a multitude of amazing games this past week at E3 2018. Most of which were big third-party titles like Resident Evil and Spiderman. But as spectacular as those games are, there were quite a few indie titles that stuck out amongst the rest, one of which is a game called Little Bug. I happened to come across the game at an event known as The Mix and at first glance, it didnt seem all that special. I watched one of my colleagues play as the developer was explaining the mechanics of the game to us. Once I started to understand how the game worked and was able to play it my self, and I instantly I fell in love." -- PC Gaming Enthusiast


Woman With Severe Arachnophobia Calls KFC So Delivery Man Can Kill A Spider In Her House

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A woman with severe arachnophobia had no idea how to deal with a large spider in her home, so she decided to call in a hit man - a delivery driver from KFC who she had kill the eight-legged invader.
The incident happened this week in England, where college student Demi Sweeney came across a spider on her wall. As reported, Sweeney tried to call a friend to come over and kill the spider, but the friend was not able and instead suggested that she call to order some take-out food and see if the delivery man would do the job.
Sweeney used the app Deliveroo to make her order and add the special request to kill the spider.


Flying spiders sense meteorological conditions, use nanoscale fibers to float on the wind

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Spiders take flight on the smallest of breezes by first sensing the wind, and then spinning out dozens of nanoscale fibers up to seven meters long, according to a new study.

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Spiders can ‘fly’ because they make near-invisible paragliders

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We’ve finally solved the mystery of how even fairly big spiders can take to the skies, and it turns out it’s because they make flying machines that can barely be seen with the naked eye

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Spiders can float in the air, and scientists just figured out how they lift off

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Spiders might even sense the breeze before takeoff, like using a wet finger to test the direction of the wind.

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Spiders can fly by weaving 10-foot-long silk parachutes to float through the air

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Crab spiders, which are about 5 millimeters long and can change color, were observed checking the wind and spinning 7- to 13-foot-long silk parachutes, according to a study published in PLoS Biology.

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Political Intrigue And Supernatural Beasts Collide In GreedFall - Game Informer

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A new action RPG from developer Spiders puts diplomacy front and center when youre not being mauled by massive creatures, that is.

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