Monday, 27 March 2017
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Venom Film Listed As Horror Sci-Fi, Could Shoot in Fall

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A new production listing characterizes Sony's planned Spider-Man spinoff as "action/horror/sci-fi."

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PS4 And Xbox One Are Both Badly Losing The Exclusive War

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Something interesting started to happen in 2016. The exclusive "war" between PS4 and Xbox One took a sharp turn: Sony's console had always toyed with an edge over Microsoft, but at a certain point that edge started to cut. Uncharted 4 seemed to kick things off, but it's here in 2017 that Sony's lead has become insurmountable. The PS4 has Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2 and Nier: Automata, all right in a row, with no real answer from the competition. Microsoft seems only to founder, with delayed or canceled projects and follow-ups that fail to match the glory of their predecessors. An interesting phenomenon, good news for Sony, and ultimately a totally pointless comparison. Neither of these platforms has the most, or the best, exclusives, not by a mile.


Ghostbusters Still Eyeing More Live-Action Films

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Franchise producer Ivan Reitman says that, in addition to a "Ghostbusters" animated feature, Sony is still developing live-action films.

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Sony is working on a thinner PS4 Slim console model

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Work on a new PS4 console revision could be underway at Sony right now according to Taiwanese newspaper.

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Spider-Man Visits Avengers Tower in 2 New Homecoming Posters

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Peter Parker shows off his spider-like agility in a pair of new posters for Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Horizon Zero Dawn platinum trophy awards unique PS4 theme in US only

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Get your Horizon Zero Dawn theme for achieving the elusive platinum trophy and you should get an email from Sony with a code to unlock your new wallpaper.

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Sony Sending Out 20% Off PSN Cart Purchase Codes Again

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"If you are in the US you might want to check your emails as Sony is sending out some PlayStation Network discount coupons again."


Sony Is Randomly Sending Golden Ticket Voucher Worth $100 To Select PSN Users

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Sony appears to be in quite a generous mode today as they are not only sending 20% discount code to users, but also a hefty $100 PSN credit voucher to a few lucky users.

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Sony Xperia L1: Large-Screen Budget Phone With Premium Styling

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While Sony has already launched quite a number of devices in the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company is not done just yet. The company has released the specs for the Sony Xperia L1, a smartphone aimed at the budget price range. The phone packages adequate specs in a sharp looking device and is set to launch on April this year.

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