Wednesday, 26 April 2017
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Sony's Gaming Division Is Off to a Great Start in 2017

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As Microsoft prepares to launch the most powerful gaming console ever made, Sony retains an important advantage.


Is VR Porn on the PlayStation a Smart Move?

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Sony is introducing an adult entertainment service to the PlayStation VR. Is this a big deal?

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Project Scorpio's Power Advantage Won't be Enough to Topple the PS4

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It has been a few weeks since the specs for Project Scorpio were revealed. Microsofts upcoming console easily outstrips the Xbox One regarding pure horsepower. It also outmatches Sonys PlayStation 4 Pro. Because of its superior hardware, some believe the PS4s time as the undisputed king of the console generation may soon be over. After all, if games run and look better on Scorpio, why would anyone want a PlayStation 4?


PlayStation Store Global Update (US, HK, JP & South East Asia) April 25, 2017

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Each week Sony brings PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more.

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Should Sony Release a PS1 Mini?

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With last weeks news that Nintendo was purportedly planning on releasing a SNES Mini later this year, and given how fantastic the NES Mini was received by fans, we got to thinking: should Sony jump on the bandwagon and release a PS1 Mini?

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Project Scorpio / PS4 Pro, Why Should We Be Excited?

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It wasnt too long ago you could buy a console which would last an entire generation. A generation that could last upwards of 10 years, or around 7 or 8 years before a new console would be announced and everyone becomes desperate for a new release. It was great. You give up the ability to play the most high end specs to get longevity. Dump 400 dollars in the unit (or 600 for those of us that bought a PS3 at launch) and it lasts years. No need to worry about minimum specs releasing, or if your specific hardware will have the proper features to run a game correctly. Then things changed and Sony announced a mid-generation slight upgrade with the PS4 Pro. While Microsoft denied they would follow suit they eventually did with Scorpio, which is releasing later this year. We didnt even make it 3 years into the generation and they already want to push new hardware out.


Days Gone has driven Sony Bend to more than double in size

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Alex Wawro writes that the Oregon newspaper The Bulletin reports Sony's Bend Studio is moving into a bigger office building later this year as it continues towork on its post-apocalyptic PlayStation 4 game Days Gone .


Sony Music severs ties with Dr. Luke amid Kesha legal battle

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The producer and the pop star have been duking it out in court since 2014.

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Sony Has Reportedly Parted Ways With Dr. Luke

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After a maelstrom of controversy that has lasted more than two years, Sony has reportedly cut ties with the man at the center of it all. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony has severed ties with the famed producer Dr. Luke, ending a contract with his Kemosabe Records that started ...

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Sony’s Animated Spider-Man Movie Will Have A ‘Throwback’ Vibe

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Miles Morales' animated Spider-Man movie will feature a kid-friendly throwback tale promises star Liev Schreiber.


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