Monday, 18 June 2018
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Xbox Came To Fight But Still Lost

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Xbox had to prove they still belong and to sit alongside Sony and Nintendo this gen. And Xbox nailed everything except one thing, they bet on Sony stumbling.

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The Familiar Look and Feel of Days Gone Is Totally OK | COGconnected

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COGconnected: Yawwwwwwn. Another 3rd person, over the shoulder, post-apocalyptic tale of gritty heroism from a Sony first party studio. Right? Up until the other day, I would have agreed. Now, Im not so sure.

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Sony E3 Conference Overview

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With bombastic showings from Sony in the past few years, it felt like Sony was on cruise control this year and showed fans what they wanted.

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Best E3 2018 Trailers & Gameplay Videocast - Gamers Won E3

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CG writes: With E3 2018 now over for another year we take a look at the majority of trailers and gameplay showcased during the event offering commentary on them and concluding that as gamers there is quite a bit of choice in the months and years ahead. Sony has showcased some excellent additions to its line-up and Microsoft relying on tried and trusted franchises delivers also. The future is bright considering some awesome third party announcements tossed into the mix as well.


God of War reigns supreme again at No.1 in UK

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Sonys Days of Play promotion intensifies this week helping God of War regain No1, up from No3.

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Sony Releases Free Shadow of the Colossus Dynamic Theme for PS4

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A new PS4 theme dedicated to Shadow of the Colossus has been released on the Japanese PlayStation Store, and it's free.

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Microsoft's New Next Gen Console, has Me Deluded

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GeeksULTD says: Microsoft recently teased their next-generation of consoles. Typically, Microsoft and Sony would announce their next-generation of consoles every 6-7 years. This generation was nothing short of a roller-coaster. Not only did Sonys and Microsofts decisions look horrible, but they left many to be confused about the future of gaming consoles. Both Microsoft and Sony announced major upgrades to their consoles. Both companies manufactured new consoles capable of running their games at 4K. Not only that, but they also introduced HDR too.


Sony wins E3. Again. Barely

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The Japanese game giant, which has sold more hardware than anyone else this generation, wowed E3 audiences with a parade of enviable exclusives


Sony's E3 2018: An Experiment Gone Wrong?

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It was an experiment, for sure. And one that almost could have ruined the entire thing. Which is a downright shame, because the actual content held by the conference was incredible. Maybe even the best of E3. But that format. Especially after the high point that was Microsofts conference, Sonys, which is usually the most talked-about event at E3, was almost eclipsed.


DF Videocast #13: Sony at E3 2018

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Sony's media event was a bit strange, but you can't argue with the quality of the games.

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