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A Bump In The Road: Can Sonys new year live up to its fantastic 2017 in the AAA space?

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2017 was something of a landmark year for the PlayStation 4s life cycle. Though the Nintendo Switch gave Sony some ardent competition and deservedly stole back much of the attention, the PS4s exclusive output was notably excellent. First Party studios like Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog pumped out great work respectably, while Sonys Japanese development partners delivered incredible offerings like Yakuza 0, Nioh and Nier: Automata. Some of these titles would see release on PC, but the PlayStation platform nevertheless stood out in terms of the sheer variety of its exclusive content in the console market. Can they do it again?

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Sony's PhyreEngine Now Compatible With The Nintendo Switch

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While Nintendos third-party releases for the Switch have been plentiful, a recent update by Sony will actually make the consoles library even bigger. Sony Interactive Entertainments free-to-use engine, PhyreEngine, is now compatible with the Nintendo Switch. The engine has been used to make many games like both Hotline Miami games, Unravel, Danganronpa, and Dragon Quest Builders which is getting a Switch port itself.


David Jaffe and The State of Twisted Metal

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If youve been a fan of PlayStation over the past 20+ years, then I KNOW youve heard of Twisted Metal. If youve heard of TM, then you know the one creator who is synonymous with the series. David Jaffe. After being ask daily about the Twisted Metal series, he is addressing the issue and offering his take on what Sony could do to possibly revive the IP.

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Sony Comes Out "Swingin'" with PS4 Trailer Showing Rich 2018 Lineup in Japan

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The Japanese arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment released another lineup trailer for PS4, including God of War, Detroit: Become Human, and more.

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The Growing Maturity of the Sony Brand

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It doesn't take an industry expert to identify the reasons for Sony's success in the current generation of gaming consoles.

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Monster Hunter World Commercial By Sony Is Hilarious As Usual

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Densha Otoko star Takayuki Yamada is back as the Japanese face of PlayStation, imitating the monsters of Monster Hunter World in a hilarious ad.

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Sony Announces New PlayStation Plus Offer for UK Players

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Pure PlayStation: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has announced today that UK players can get a decent deal on their annual PlayStation Plus subscription.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Expected to Headline Mobile World Congress 2018Samsung Galaxy S9 Expected to Headline Mobile World Congress 2018

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While the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ expected to be the most prominent smartphone models to make their debut at Mobile World Congress the Sony Xperia Pro may show up hard on Samsung’s heels.


Lair: What Went Wrong?

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Lair was a genuine screw-up by everybody involved, probably me the worst, says Julian Eggebrecht, one of Factor 5s co-founders, about the studios disappointing PlayStation 3 game. The approximately $25 million project, a game about dragons and fantasy warfare, took three years to develop, which included a yearlong delay. From faulty studio decisions, publisher strife and arguments regarding studio dynamics, Lair fought its way out from the studio that created it. Lair itself did not ruin Factor 5 although the circumstances didnt help but it ended a relationship with Sony and left the studio dangling in searching of a follow-up project that never came.

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PS4 Firmware Update 5.05 Released Ahead Of Major Beta Update

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Sony has released a brand new firmware update for the PS4 today, ahead of the officially announced beta firmware update that is for system software 5.50.

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