Monday, 01 May 2017
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Sony Live View Wireless Remote for $79 + free shipping

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B&H Photo Video offers the Sony Live View Wireless Remote for $79 with free shipping. That's the lowest price we could find by $69. The Sony Live View is a wrist-worn remote control for select Sony Action Cam and Cyber-shot models that allows you to start and stop video recording, snap photos, and change settings.

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Sony and Eurostar launch ‘Sound Menu’

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Sony and Eurostar have partnered to offer passengers the new ‘Sound Menu’, optimised for use with Sony’s 1000X wireless headphones with industry leading noise cancelling technology.


Sony PlayStation profits hit £944m biggest since 1998.

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Its nothing but good news in Sonys latest financial results, as total sales for the PlayStation 4 approach the 60 million mark.


Why the Switch is now Sonys biggest competitor

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For the time being, Nintendo has taken the gaming world by storm with the Nintendo Switch. CSG would go so far as to say the Switch is now the PS4 lines biggest console competitor. Sure theres the Scorpio, but theres nothing indicating that the Scorpio will turn the tide in Microsofts favor, as there are no games that will be designed around the Scorpios extra power. The Switch is the sexy new console in town, and it has several factors playing to its favor.


Pachter: Sonys Latest Forecast Suggests PS4 Price Cut Incoming, May Not Outsell PS2 In The Long Run

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The PlayStation 4 is firing on all cylinders, and its sales over the last quarter have been nothing short of stunning. It makes sense, too, given just how wonderful a quarter the system has had with so many high profile new releases.

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Sony and Nintendo Announce Dragon Quest XI Special PS4 and New 2DS XL Consoles

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Stars align as Sony and Nintendo announce two special consoles at the same time, for the same game: Dragon Quest XI.

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Sony XBR-55X850D 55″ 4K 2160p Smart Ultra HDTV with High Dynamic Range - $769.00

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Sony XBR-55X850D 55" 4K 2160p Smart Ultra HDTV with High Dynamic Range for $769.00. ...

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The PSVR Excels as a 3D Blu-ray Display

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EB: Naturally when Sony revealed this new feature for the PSVR I regained hope that the hundreds of dollars, if not thousands I spent on 3D Blu-rays wouldnt be wasted after all. Well, I finally got around to trying the PSVRs 3D functionality, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Outside of the fact that I now have to wear a headset to watch 3D movies, I consider the PSVRs handling of the depth effect to be one of the best Ive experienced, and the closest Ive seen to what you get in a real deal movie theater.


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